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I continue with my statement that i am currently living in a storybook. Many days i simply cannot believe that this life is mine. This weekend in Venice is no different, except that it was sure fire proof that this storybook is a fairytale.

The weekend started off fairly unglamourous as compared to the ordinary adventure. The group of six i was travelling with left the Thoresby house at around 10:30pm thursday night even though our flight was not scheduled to depart until 6:30am. The reason we left so early was because the last train to the airport left at 11:30 and we were not going to take the chance of missing this flight. So we bumbled down the street in an excited gaggle (consisting of Hallie, Blake, Stephanie, Lauren, Bryan, and myself) to the bus stop where we caught the 214 to the Liverpool St. Station. We then made our way to the Standsted Express which took us on an hour journey to Standsted Airport. So there we were, 12:30am in an airport that slightly resembled a refugee camp with not a whole lot to do for the next 6 hours. The only real option was to find a nice piece of floor and take a nap. Bryan and i chose to tough out some chairs near the door (chairs were actually quite scarce) while the others sought refuge beneath a fire extinguisher attached to a large column. I wish we had taken a photograph of this situation for we were not the only one with the idea of sleeping in the airport. It was so bitterly cold in the airport though and everyone's biggest regret seemed to be forgetting to bring their down comforters with them. ha.

We were finally allowed to check in around 5am and shortly after we proceeded to our departure gate.  Once at the gate we were actually able to all spread out on some benches (which were quite comfortable) and squeeze in a solid 45 min power nap.

Ryan-air is quite the comical airline; the chairs dont lean back, the attendants wear horrifically ugly outfits, and everything is done in bright blue and yellow plastic so that (as Hallie said) the plane appeared more as an amusement park ride rather than a professional company. Once again we all tried our best to get a bit of shut eye on the plane, but whether due to excitement or turbulence no one really slept much.

travelman727 says:
I'm in love with Venice also. What a fantastic city to walk!
Posted on: Jul 18, 2006
Grpablo says:
If you like Venice look at my blog too ;) I made a lot of photos!!! :D
Posted on: Jun 29, 2006
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photo by: asturjimmy