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It's been about a year and a half since this particular trip to Juarez that I'm writing about. I have no pictures from this trip and no journal entries that I can recall or find, so I'm just winging it here on this one! (On my first trip to Juarez I dropped my camera in the sand and ruined it, so on my 2nd and 3rd trips I opted out of bringing a camera (if I remember correctly). The pictures I have from the second trip were taken by Father Dan.

I remember that the house we built was on a pretty tight piece of land- meaning that we had only a few feet of space to work in all the way around the house. The tight space seems to be pretty common. This house was the only one (of the four I've built) where there was not a flush toilet for us to use. Fine by me, this is just only one of the few details I remember! One of the adult leaders, Rachel, twisted her ankle on the first day- I think she was carrying a bag of cement. It was pretty bad so another adult leader, Brent, drove her back to Santa Fe (5 hours from Juarez). He came back the next day.

One of the days we were there a fire started up in the neighborhood. It was pretty bad. I guess the fire engines came pretty quickly, considering all the dirt roads and the normal response time they are known for. I think the fire was started in a small building outside of a home that a family was using for cooking. Maybe the wind had caused the cooking fire to spread and get out of control. I wish I could remember the details better...

The World Cup was going on while we were in Juarez. Rudy, one of the adult leaders, had the van's radio tuned in to some of the games and would give us periodic updates. Some of our group ended up sitting in the van occasionally with the AC on to avoid heat exhaustion. We bring lots of water and Gatorade with us but sometimes people still get sick from working in the heat.

There was a guy watching us work who said he lived in the U.S., but he had been deported or something and was hanging out in Juarez while things got straightened out. I think he was born in Mexico but had spent most of his life in the U.S. Either that and/or his family live further south in Mexico and he didn't know anyone in Juarez, because I remember him seeming pretty lost and sad. I think he ended up helping us out a little bit on the work site.

A fun part of this build was leading some of the girls in measuring and cutting the trim for the doors and windows. It felt good to be a group of females in charge of the table saw! We did a good job cutting all the pieces the right size, painting, and installing them.

There was another home being built on the same short street we were working on. It was being built by volunteers from another home-building organization called Casas por Cristo. All of our work vans seemed to create a small parking/congestion problem on the street!
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photo by: ahtibat17