Friday 6th July - Irkutsk- Peschanaya Bay - Listvyanka

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Monique woke us up to go to early breakfast. Had a rotten night. No fault of the hotel, we had someone ring at some ungodly hour, a huge storm that set off all the car alarms in the car park and the air-con leaked so it dripped all night in the corner. David sat up and took photos of the storm and I managed to hurt my ankle whilst going to the toilet so I was in agony. Divided up the luggage and stored the big stuff here in Irkutsk for a trip to Peschanaya Bay and Listvyanka. We took the hovercraft to Peschanaya Bay which is on the shore of Lake Baikal. The day was cold and foggy so David couldn’t get decent pictures at all today. The place is sort of like River Island in that it has cabins in the woods. BUT the toilets here are a hole in the ground and very very smelly.  I sat with Ruth, who was unable to do the walk to the next bay where the others went swimming. David just paddled to his ankles as the water here is crisp at best. I didn’t want to venture far on my ankle but I had a terrific conversation with Ruth so I had a great time.
Got the ferry back to Listvyanaka and got checked into the newest hotel in the town. It looks flash, but as with a lot of new building in Russia, it is all window dressing. It is badly made and will look like crap in 5 years. There are 66 rooms in all (plus a penthouse) and the one we have is the size of a closet. It has a wardrobe in the hall from the door to the bedroom, near the toilet and to open any of the doors or even to turn on the bathroom light, you need to perform human Tetris. The lift was out so we had to walk up 5 floors to even find this shoe box. Luckily, our huge bags are in Irkutsk as they just wouldn’t fit in this room. The power went out totally, as they were installing a bigger transformer.
Dinner was yummy and I tried a nice spanish white wine. David was forced to eat fish which he hates as they forgot to order a meat meal for him.
There are some wonderful pigeon English signs here in Russia. My favourite was in Moscow on a menu, “caesarean Salad” and “Chef’s Stake” It made me wonder what would arrive in the plate if I ordered these. Here in Listvyanaka, we have the following fire warnings.
“If you have arrived to our hotel for the first time, read the plan of the fire escapes, located on a ground floor about a wardrobe, and try to remember an arrangement of outputs and ladders well.”
Or this: “The closed and well condensed door can reliably protect you from dangerous temperature”
My closet with a bed overlooks the lake, my tour mates are out and I can hear them out and about on the street enjoying the sunset over the water.
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photo by: nidge76