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Avoiding the borders of Iraq our planes flys around
Monday 25th June,
- David, Struggling with his bags, being Yelled at to hurry by mother, knocked over a tin of blue paint. It went all over his shoes and the tiled floor. As the train was due to leave, he had to leave in on the floor to dry.
- Train was late, the starter was at stop with nothing in front of thr tain, as we were waiting to leave the train, the lady in front of me collapsed against the door. I dropped the bags I was carrying to grab her and had to yell at a man to help me get her off the train so other commuters could alight. The guard was no where to be seen. (They are supposed to monitor the passengers getting on and off) Got passengers, David and Mother to help carry her to the platform seat. Called Garry (Signaller @ Campbelltown) to get a station assistant to go and sit with her.
Duabi Airport

- The map in the travel diary has the funniest errors.
- Discovered Singapore Airlines have great uniforms. The ladies are a best a size 2. TVs in all the seats so the 5 hours to Singapore was a breeze. Films I managed to watch were Ghost Rider, and La Via En Rose.
- We saw a live Volocano.
- Singapore Airport is HUGE! It has a little Train (It is a bus really) to shuttle the passengers from T2 to T1. Has 24 hour food courts and accept any currency as payment but give Singapore Dollars as change. XL in Singapore is a size 12 and the sales lady insisted that it would stretch to fit, but David told here that would be indecent.. Chuckle...
- There are free foot and leg massagers in the airport, but finding an unoccupied one is a challenge.
the knee killing trip from Moscow to St Petersburg. I now know why the pope used to kiss the ground when he alighted.

Plane to Moscow stops at Dubai. 33-38oC and me in trackies! David was lucky and got off the plane. They said I would have to take ALL the hand luggage so I baulked at this idea and stayed on the plane. The Russian lady next to David also stayed when she found this out, and she and I managed to have a inpromptue Russian language lesson. She was happy with the words I used.  The Dubai Sercuity team swept the plane and asked us the passports and boardoing passes. Singapore Airlines boarding passes are tiny and are hard to find quickly. We were asked three times by different people if the luggage near us was ours. The luggage that was unclaimed by us was removed from the plane. You would have thought that this information would have been given out but no. David returned with some badly needed shorts from the sports shop in Dubai. Dubai airport is undergoing renovations and so had only one runway open. We had to join a queue to take off. (And land we circled for ages before we got a slot). Cabin Staff (new ones) were strict with the blinds, they had to be DOWN! (The sun is coming you see hmm in 5 hours time) but they were obsessed. Tell an Aussie you can’t do something and we rebel. I had the blind part way up and watched the sun rise over Iran. I hate all the wondows closed. It is so much smaller in the plane.

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Avoiding the borders of Iraq our p…
Avoiding the borders of Iraq our …
Duabi Airport
Duabi Airport
the knee killing trip from Moscow …
the knee killing trip from Moscow…
photo by: Sunflower300