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Wade and Joe with a Tiger about 20 yards in the background

We arrived in Ranthambore after another exciting 3 hour drive and stayed at what ended up being a pretty nice hotel.  One of the few places on our trip so far that has seemed to be customer focused other than the lack of central heating. We were here to do three safaris with the first being on New Years Eve in a Kanter (which essential is a bus for 20 people without a top).  This was a good intro to the park in the hopes of seeing the park’s famous Tiger’s.  While we failed to see one we saw a number of animals including the peacock, spotted dear and somber deer in addition to a number of birds.


New Years Eve was spent around the poolside with dinner at about 9pm with the about 100 hundred other people.

  They had a nice sound system setup and a dance floor, but that couldn’t keep Wade and Patrick from going to bed at 10:30pm.  Gabi and I finished their drinks and were still on the dance floor at midnight when fireworks were let off and we headed off to bed so we could get some sleep before our 5:45 wake up call.


Just for the record it is pretty darn cold in India at 6:30 in the morning especially when you are sitting in a Jeep with an open top. My 10 layers of clothes helped some, but it still wasn’t comfy.  We had high hopes after seeing some tiger foot prints a few yards into the park.  The jeep instead of the kanter of the night before did make it seem more like a real safari as we wizzed down trails falling the warning calls of deer which indicated a tiger in the area….

Can you see the Jaguar hiding in the grass now?
but once again we failed to spot him. 


We had gave up again on seeing a tiger and headed out of the park so I propped by feet up on the side of the jeep.  I was pretty well relaxed when I saw I giant cat standing 50 yards ahead in the distance.  The leopards are normally shy animals but we saw this one before it saw us and a few expletives came out of my mouth as I could get my camera back on.  After spotting us he crouched down in order to hide (see picture) and waited a minute before taking off up a hill.  While I have seen much better views of giant cats in a zoo, seeing him in the wild was far more amazing.


Wade, Patrick and I all got massages for about $25 before heading out on our afternoon safari.

Joe and some of his friends from school
Gabi decided to skip out on both in lieu of shopping.  We had lunch with the only other American that I have met on the trip who was a Biology teach from California who had seen three tiger cubs and her mother in the morning which got us looking forward to the safari again. 


We wondered if we were ever going to get into the park because of a huge traffic jam.  We were a bit disappointed that we were entering the park 45 minutes later than planned, but the traffic jam itself was bit entertaining.  Our disappointment was quickly erased when we saw our first tiger after being in the park for less than 5 minutes.  He was 200 – 300 yards away, but were still excited to get a glimpse.  We ended up seeing all three tiger cubs which weighed a few hundred pounds a piece.  At more than one time they were within 20 yards of our jeep as we followed them around for an hour before wondering off to see crocodiles and other animals.  So when all was said and done we were very pleased with quantity of animals we had seen and I was happy that I bought my new camera which doubled as binoculars for me.

dlillback says:
Nice picture of the tiger....it's ashame that a lousy football team from Cincinnati had to ruin the animal's reputation.
Posted on: Jan 04, 2008
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Wade and Joe with a Tiger about 20…
Wade and Joe with a Tiger about 2…
Can you see the Jaguar hiding in t…
Can you see the Jaguar hiding in …
Joe and some of his friends from s…
Joe and some of his friends from …
Ranthambhore National Park
photo by: lealealou