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Venezia, i've been there before... in summer, i found it really REALLY touristic and cliche and i didnt like it. This was a few years ago, when i was visiting with my family.

This time however, it started out in Paris, at paris photo this big photography exposition in du louvre gave me the oppurtunity to meet with an italian photographer (the polaroid king from milan) his work really attracted me... i paint over my work and his is a sort of step between photographing and painting, i just had a little conversation with the guy and i ended up dining with him and meeting Franco Fontana -italian photographer who photographed for american vogue and did/does a lot lot lot of great work- While dinner in this amazing french restaurant la paix! near l'opera we discussed my going to venezia with him... -jeeeh-
(may i point this out as a moment that if you ask for something and go into a situation positive thinking you might just end up getting what you want -assistanplace- AND a week of venezia)

so just 2 days after i got back from paris i jumped on the plane in amsterdam, a bit scary cause i only met this photographer for one day... talking nervously to everyone on the plane hahah people reading this travelling alone sometimes know what i mean :)

landed: maurizio was waiting for me in the arrival-hall and we walked with my suitcases -how much can a girl take for one week- to a taxi boat, so while the sun was setting we were going into venezia... it looked amazing, the apartment where i was going to stay was on canal grande (yes i could touch the water from my bedroom) and i had my own room and bathroom, it was really nice!! haha... then we went out for dinner and i met another photographer who traveled a lot for his work daniele, we went to this aperitvo party celebrating santa barbara or something? haha and after that we went to boca doro where we ate the rest of the week

BOCA DORO ohhhh my god.... it's the best fish i ever had... great wine, great people, great everything... the fish was sooo fresh... i will not even try to describe it, just promise me you'll go there if your in venezia!! i'm thinking about going back JUST for that restaurant haha (not excaterating)

enough about the fish... back to venezia *eventhough it's in the same place* three days we went on a boat and the sun was shining a lot, almost like summer and we were going through venice taking pictures of buildings and places and after that we also went to murano and burano two islands very close to venezia,
Burano was soo tiny and so beautifull.. idyllic i must say! Such a happy looking island cause it's full of small houses painted in very bright colors... you know why?? cause the men were sooo drukn everynight they couldn't find their homes back, instead of banning alcohol the women thought of painting the houses first...  hahaha

I loved venice... i had a bit of free time one day i just started walking... walked for hours and the nice thing is evenhtough you've walked your ass off... don't recognize the buildings around you, venice is sooo tiny that if you even think about going home you turn around the corner and you find it hahah.. or maybe that was just my luck this one time!! haha... funny thing is that i thought i was living on the other side of the river, they call places the same there -very confusing-
oh and a lot less tourists, guess you cannot totally avoid them.. (i'm sometimes forgetting i'm one myself ) but it's nice, it's a bit colder now, a lot of true venezians are there and its a good vibe, i had a really good time!! (eventhough i couldn't communicate with the photographer)

If you haven't been there, you must go there.. make sure you'll be there at night aswell, oh and better in the autum i guess...
                   OH and don't forget to go to boca doro!!!!!!!

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photo by: asturjimmy