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Hi everyone.

    So, as you've probably gathered from my title, I'M FINALLY IN INDIA!

    The flight here was interesting. We ran into several problems, but I won't bore you with them-yet, anyway.

    It's 8:37 a.m. here, which makes it about 10:00 in Montreal. Wow. And it's already tomorrow here, too. Friday, I mean.

    Anyway, it's gorgeous here. It really is.

    So we borded the flight on the 26th, which was a task in itself. On Christmas, one of the pipes in the, I think. Well, just something along the lines of "died". Even though a pipe can't die.

    ANYWAY. So as everything was closed on the 25th, we had to wait for the Boxing-Day-Schedule-Following stores to open, then get the replacement pipe, an fix it. Although by the time my dad got it, it was already a quarter to 3, and we wanted to leave by 3:00, 3:30.

    Yeah, right.

    So we (finally) left, ran into some more trouble on the way there (such as thinking that the best place to put the luggage that wouldn't fit into the boot was the roof, then freaking out when we thought that the suitcase had fallen off), we finally all got into the airport. At Trudeau, we found more trouble. We were checking in our bags when one of the bigger and heavier bags went and decided to be over 32 kg, which is the limit. If a bag weighs more than that, we have to take out stuff until it's under, and, usually, throw the stuff out. Luckily. we we in the line of a really nice woman who let us repack our stuff, so that it fit. Finally, we made the limit. So we checked in the rest of our bags and went to customs with our carry-ons. All of our bags go through, except the last one. The last one has some dips and some spreads that we thought family here might enjoy.

    Apperently, spreads and cream cheese are considered "gels". Which means that we could either throw them out, put them into checked luggage, or send the bag they were in as checked luggage. As we had already checked in all our bags, the next option was to check in the carry-on. Which we were going to do until we were told it was $150something. For this little, teeny bag that would barely make it as a gy, bag.

    So we didn't want to throw it away, and paying $150 for the extra checked luggage was insane. Rock, hard place, nice to meet you, we're the Jani family.

    What did we do? you ask. We gave it to the nice check-in lady who let us repack.

    Would you shut up laughing? I'm serious. This is stuff you can't make up.

    So we were now free to go through customs.

    I can't even begin to tell you how mad I was. I was furious. Livid. I was...hang on, give me a sec to check merriam-webster online.

    Just kidding.

    So we finally got on the plane, and then we went to the runway to take off, and then we stopped. Why? To de-ice the wings. Yup, I'm serious. Only in Montreal.

    So we finally took-off. The flight was okay, bordering on boring. The food was tasteless. Bland. Icky.

    But I watched Transformers. And Harry Potter and the Order of the Phenoix. And I didn't sleep. At all.

    Then we got to Heathrow. We were a little late, as there was congestion around the landing area, or however you say it. But we got there. While we were looking at some of the shops, it struck me as utterly STUPID that you couldn't bring cream cheese onto a plane but you could drink alcohol before boarding and on the plane.

    I dunno, maybe none of you agree with me, but I'm just saying.

    So we boarded the next plane. Heathrow to Mumbai. We boarded, took-off (no need to de-ice anything) and started our 8 hour flight. FUN.

    It was an...interesting (read: pretty boring) flight.  Okay, no, that  somewhat a lie. It wasnt't bad. I watched a bit of Transformers, a bit of Hairspray, and even a little bit of Ratatouille while waiting for The Bourne Ultimatum to come on, since I missed half the first screening because I fell asleep. Oops.

    Anyway, again, the food was not totally bad. Let's just say I came off both flights hungry. Very hungry.

    So we FINALLY arrived at the Mumbai Airport. We went through customs, got our baggage etc, put our coats on and walked outside. That's when we realized something was wrong.


Ha. Gotcha there, didn't I??

    I don't mean that I gotcha about the heat, I meant about the something being wrong.

    It's gorgeous here, as I mentioned before. It's 20something degrees celcius.


    It's great to look outside and see everyone walking and stuff. We have the majority of the windows open here, and the fans are all on. The only thing I can really complain about (and want to complain about) is the humidity. But that's the only downside.

    So anyway, back to the story. We were walking out of the airport (without our coats on, we're not that stupid, I mean, my parents grew up here) and we walked pass the many, many people waiting to pick up other people, and realized that no one from our family was there.

    No one.

    So we called, and everything got straightened out-turns out there was some kind of miscommunication and everyone here thought we were reaching here on the 29th, meaning tomorrow. So we had to wake up on of my cousins and one of my uncles so they could come and pick us up.

    So that was an adventure.

    But it's all good, we're at the house, and we're fine.

    Just a little tired as my sister showed and which I can show you when I upload the photos of her sleeping. (MUAHAHAHAHA)

    So it's been, it's been a hell of two days, take it any way you want.


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