Dangerous Driving and Good Food (imaginative, I know)

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Supposedly, anyone who can drive in India can drive anywhere in the world.

Not (only) because it's mostly stick shift (manual, as oppose to automatic, for those of you who don't know) here, but because it's insane: the lines on the street and the lights just seem to be more of guidelines, really.

It's insane, but really fun.

The really wierd part is that even though there are, like 4 people on a motorcycle (we saw these people, one guy was driving, a girl on the back sitting what would have been saddleside on a horse, another woman in the sidecar, and a boy on top of the sidecar.) and no one has a helmet, there's no need for seatbelts for passengers, just the driver (in some cars there are actualy no seatbelts), there are supposedly less accidents here than in Montreal.

Probably because the limit is, like, 40 mph. Or something somewhere close to that.

Insane. But you gotta love it.

Yesterday on of my cousin took us to the Atria, which is like the equivalent of the Eaton Centre. Well, it's not underground, but it's basically the fact that the Atria is one of the few big shopping centers in Bombay.

In the evening my parents, my aunt and uncle, my cousin, my sister and I went out for dinner. We went to this place where you get bhel puri. Bhel is sort of the most popular junk food's, when you're a kid, standing for the ice cream truck. Actually, I don't think we ever got and ice cream truck in Montreal, but I'm sure you've all seen movies. Anyway, it's like that. There are these roadside stands that you can buy it at-like a hot dog stand. But you can still get the ice cream at Ben and Jerry's (<3). Sorry I keep jumping examples. I mean comparisions. But it's just that the roadside stands aren't all that hygenic, so it's not always the best place to go. Instead, we went to this restaurant, really nice. Ridiculous wait though. You can either eat outside or inside. When we went, the outside wait was 25 minutes, and the inside an hour.

We finally got in, though. It was sooooo goood! I love the bhel.

I'm (finally) done. For now anyway.


P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR. (OMG, its true:it's still the 29th there!!)
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photo by: vvicy1