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Arrived from the overnight train, realised that there wasn't many places to stay in Rovaniemi (that wouldn't have cost me a shitload), and so attempted to make it to Kiruna across the border in Swedish Lapland. And failed miserably. Made it most of the way there to Lulea - after first nearly freezing to death after misunderstanding gestures from a Finnish bus driver who spoke no english and standing outside in -15degrees for over 1/2 hour. Magically I stumbled my way onto 2 correct buses with not a minute to spare for each one and made it to Lulea, which is about a 3 hour bus from Kiruna. I fell into Best Western, payed a criminal amount of money for a room and cried a little for the low low prices of Estonia.

 It is a nice town here, but I should have stayed in Rovaniemi as the weather was better and I may have had a a chance of seeing the lights. Ah well. I now have no real plans (other than catching the bus to Kiruna in a couple of hours). I just need to make my way to Uppsala, where my uni is, in about a week's time. So, my blog is now up to date (if anyone actually reads it) and it is time to go. Where to next? I have no idea, but i am sure it will be fun getting there. Adios, and I miss you all... well most of you.


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photo by: dieforu