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Street party


Our last bus trip, woo! And of course it had to be seriously eventful since it was our last one and it certainly didnt dissapoint in that respect! It was suppsoed to be 22 hours and it ended up being 32 hours!

Our first glitch happened whilst getting on the bus itself. Basically the guy checking us on had the responsibility of checking everyones documents, making sure we had all of the correct border stamps which of course we didnt!(read my Iguazu blog for details why) We were pretty panicked when he started looking through our passport but not speaking Portugese came in very helpful because after questioning us twice and both getting blank stares he just tutted and waved us onboard! Quite lucky.

We were stopped 4 times by the police to check our bus.

We got very drunk and I woke up with like 10 photos of us pouting at the is just one of them, haha
The first time was at 2am and it took two hours for them to search every piece of luggage and check our passports and somehow we again got away with it, being the ONLY two people on the bus not to be checked! The second and third stop were shorter at around fourty minutes each and then the last stop was a another 2 hours as they searched every inch(or I thought they searched every inch but evidently they didnt...more on that later) of the bus: under seats, in cubby holes, begind loose pannels etc.

Now I like to think I am a pretty good judge of character and when I first got on the bus I noticed three guys who for no reason I could explain just set off my warning bells and I thought there was something not altogether right about them. After the last police check my instincts were proved correct: Suddenly they were all active, two searching under chairs and one prying off an overhead pannel.

2 minutes later they were holding copious amounts of drugs! They pullod the bus over, jumped out and took off in a camper-van which was awaiting them! Now that is not something you see everyday!

We finally pulled into Rio, exhausted and bedraggled, at 7pm, 10 hours late!!!!


We found out today that our travel book(Lonely Planet) has the Brazilian currency exchange rate seriously wrong! It claimed 6 to the pound when it is actually 3 to the pound so we quickly figured everything is much more expensive than we first thought! Sadly not the first time Lonely Planet has let us down very badly on our South America trip and talking to other travellers it seems they have had similar problems.

After finding a bed and having a much needed shower we headed out for a beer. Now, being tight arses we were not willing to pay what amounted to 2 pound for a beer so it was down to a little shack stand by the beach where we loaded up on 80pence beers and enormous quantitys of similarily cheap toasties before heading out into the night!

We got dropped at a bustling street filled with pubs and clubs and also peopel on the kerb selling alcohol and food. It was a mad experience since there were so many people lining the street partying and the atmosphere was great!

We headed into a club after we were fairly hammered and they have a very strange system here. Basically, when you go in they give you a small piece of paper with all of the available drinks written on it. Each time you get a drink they put a mark on the sheet next to the drink you ordered and at the end of the night you pay up. Now is it just me, or is that a very stupid way to do things? 1: At the end of the night there will be a massive que of people waiting to pay and 2: What if it comes to the end of the night and you have drank more than your wallet can handle?! Drunk people are not exactly known for their exceptional financial abilities!

We had an amazing night right up until half an hour before we left: What I have figured is that someone must have spiked my mate, Brendans, drink. On the bus I had given him a book to read which had a secret government agency known as the Shop hunting down two innocent people. Brendan got it in his head that the club was filled with secret agents trying to hunt me down and he started arguing with everyone, pushing people, trying to keep them away from me! Nice to know he would stick up for me even against the might of the government but not so good in a club filled with people who couldnt understand a word he was shouting into their faces as he pushed them.

I had to somehow pay the bill whilst keeping an eye on him and then when I got downstairs the guy hadnt given me some stupid ticket which you need to show the doormen in order to prove you have paid and thsu they allow you to leave. It was a huge farse trying to convice them I had paid with Bend screaming at them, telling me we needed to get out of there(Ok so one of the doorpeople was a hot girl and I was also stuttering incoherent broken Spanish trying to chat her up!).

I eventually got him back to the Hotel safe and sound but it was pretty ropey for a while! In the taxi he began blaming me, saying I was in on it, I had given him the book after all and what the fuck was I trying to do to him, haha. I cant believe someone would spike a strangers drink but there you have it. Lucky he had a me with him. It just goes to show that you always need to be careful when you are out and about because Bend is basically an alcoholic and never puts his drink down so if someone can spike his they can spike anyones!


Woke up at 2pm(not the 11am we had planned, haha) felling decisively rough! At least Bend had recovered from the previous night and didnt think there was some government ploy going on all around him.

We staggered out of bed eventually and found our way to the beach. Its mid december and the sun was out in force! We just lazed about then went in the sea for some wrestling banter but that didnt last long as Bend had to lave to spew, haha.

We leave on the 17th arriving back on the 18th and I dont wanna go bloody home yet! Oh well, enjoy Rio while I can I guess then its home to plan the next trip of a lifetime!!!

After the beach we went for some dinner and I was actually so tired I wanted to go home to bed but oh no, Bend was determined we go up town! So back to the street party and clubs.

2 guys actually tried to mug us. One came up behind us and started shouting whilst the other had his hand in his pocket saying he had a gun(it was pretty obviously his hand). Both Bend and I burst out laughing at the same time and it was quite funny watching their faces drop, obviously not used to people challenging them and they didnt know quite what to do. Bend took out all of his cash and started waving it at the lads saying ¨come and take it then¨as we walked back towards the clubs. Pretty funny mugging experience to be honest!

We got wasted, as one does in Rio, and I came back into our room at around 7am to find a nice present from Bend...a ring of spew surrounding the toilet! I swear it must have been harder to miss the toilet than get it in!!


Woke up at...6pm, haha.

We were both feeling extremely rough and we did nothing today except get some food(which Bend quickly deposited down the toilet) and then just lazed around! Gonna get up early tomorrow and get a full day in Rio before flying home :-(


What a beautiful day...and it was our last!! :-(

We spent the day chilling on the beach, enjoying the weather and chatting about our travels before flying home.

We were greeted by -3c and suddenly it didnt feel like such a good idea to be wearing shorts and t-shirts. It was great to see my family again but to be honest Im not too fussed about actually being home, I would prefer to have longer travelling.

So to sum up, the curtain close, the final act...

What a fantastic time I had travelling; from sitting atop Calakmul pyramids to partying it up in Cancun I had a blast and would advise everyone to see as much of the world as they possibly can. I intend to see alot more!

Alot of ignorant people say travelling is a way to escape reality, I say travelling is a search for reality.

Safe travelfs!

RabOrr says:
What is it wi you two, drug dealers and bloody dodgy's in general???

See you tomorrow champ...can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

D xxx
Posted on: Dec 16, 2007
CharmaineX says:
Well even if u aint looking forward to coming home were all looking forward to you coming home =) and i bet it was u who spiked his drink!!!! lol
Charmaine x
Posted on: Dec 15, 2007
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Street party
Street party
We got very drunk and I woke up wi…
We got very drunk and I woke up w…
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