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I met some really nice Danish girls in Itacare, who visited me afterwards in Cordoba. One night in Itacare we went out for seafood. After a delicious meal, Marie went to use the bathroom and moments later emerged stating that there was water all over the floor in the bathroom and there must be a problem with the toilet. I don't know what inspired me in this moment to say what I said but all I offered was "Sometimes you just have to say 'sorry I messed up your toilet' and move on" Wow Sara! How profound! Fortunately, Marie thought it was one of the funniest things she had ever heard. She informed me one month later that is how she would remember me, because I made her laugh a lot. Good thing I guess.....
I would highly recommend Carnaval in Salvador. The street parties are really crazy. If you are not quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite sure if you like crowds of thousands of people crammed together in a small space or aren't familiar with the penetrating scent of that many people's urine mixed together on the street, just come to Carnaval in Salvador to find out. Definitely one of the most intense experiences of my life, but well worth the hassle. I saw some really beautiful things and some really really ugly things. I also smelled some really gross things. But it comes with the territory.
One night I went out with some people from the hostel. One of the girls asked me to hold a maxi pad for her because she didn't have any pockets, and I agreed. Ewwwwwwwwww, I hate the word maxi pad and this is the second consecutive email where I have used that word. It's like when you are trying so hard not to say a word that you end up saying a lot. This happened to me in high school. It was my sophomore year and I had to stay after school to work on a biology project. I was working with petri dishes and obtaining help from my bio teacher, who beared a striking resemblence to Ned Flanders. Anyway, as I began to ask Mr. Sprangers (yes that was his real name) about my 'organism' I blurted out 'orgasm' instead, while in the meantime thinking in my head, "Don't say orgasm, Don't say orgasm" so I guess it's kinda the same thing with the word maxi pad. Ewwwww, I hate it. Anyway, back to the story. We went to the less touristy Carnaval circuit. Because of the maxi pad in my back pocket, I became a pickpocket's bullseye. More people groped my butt that night searching for the wallet (maxi pad) in my back pocket than I care to be reminded of (I know what you are thinking, Shut up). One guy grabbed ahold of my button pocket so hard that I thought he was going to rip my pocket off. So I reached behind and ripped out the maxi pad to show the idiot that was trying to rob me that it wasn't a wallet after all, but he was furiously scanning the crowd for cops and didn't see me flashing the maxi pad in front of his face and that my pocket was now empty. After that I tossed the damn pad back to it's owner and told her to deal with it. Carnaval in Salvador is a theif's playground. Most people staying at the hostel had something stolen, most without knowing it, while a few girls had knives flashed at them and had to give up their bags. Whoever would be stupid enough to carry around a bag during Carnaval is just asking for it, but anyway, it's not a nice thing to happen to anyone.
Because of the strong scent of urine that was ever present, we renamed Carnaval 'Pisstoval'. We even wrote a song about it. Because that's what they do in Salvador for Carnaval is write songs each year. All the different trio electricos play these songs, along with their own material of course, so after a few nights you get to know the songs because you hear them all the time. This year's songs included one about cachaca (pronounced ca-sha-sa) which is the sugar alcohol they make caipirinhas from. All the songs were in Portuguese of course, but you could pick up on the chorus, because it was repeated all the time. da da da da CA-SHA-SA da da da da.........also there was a song about Capoeira, the intricately beautiful martial arts/dance that is practiced all over the country. So that was fun too, da da da CAPOEIRA! da da da CAPOEIRA! da da da. I would also recommend going to the beach in Salvador during Carnaval if you are dying to be able to say "Gee, this beach is really crowded and the water is really dirty!" It's not every day that I find an opportunity to incorporate the word "Gee" into my vocabulary. Anyway, since the Carnaval circuit in Barra is along the beach, it becomes the perfect place to eliminate bodily wastes, throw garbage, or buy/sell/ use drugs. I was really lucky while in Brazil, as the worst thing that happened to me was my fierce sunburn. I had some bad luck with buses too, but that happens to everyone.
Does it sound like I had a bad time in Brazil? Jesus, I can't wait to go back.
korrahh says:
pretty funny stuff (the maxi pad).
Posted on: Dec 15, 2007
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