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My 7 madness, the period in which everything is awesome and all things that will irritate you later are at least charming, is over and after arrival in Hue the hot selling is starting to irritate me;

Moto1 : Hello moto?
Hyo     : No thank you [with a friendly smile]
Moto2 : Hello moto?
Hyo     : No thank you [without a friendly smile]
Moto3 : Hello moto?
Hyo : No thanks
Moto4 : Hello moto?
Hyo : No
Moto5 : Hello moto?
Hyo : NOOOO!

After I had taken this obstacle near the exit of the train station there is always one persistent moto driver that will keep following you for a while and start a conversation;

Moto6 : Hello moto?
Hyo : NO!
Moto6 : Whele ale you going, maybe I can help.
Hyo : I am going to my hotel
Moto6 : I take you to cheap hotel, only 5 dollal
Hyo : I already have a hotel [ok that's not really true but I want him away]
Moto6 : Oh, whele you flom?
Hyo : I'm from Zimbabwe
Moto6 : Oh, but you look like Vietnamese, maybe mothel ol fathel Chinese
Hyo : No they not Chinese [You need to speak simple English]
Moto6 : Oh maybe glanfathel ol glanmothel Chinse
Hyo : No
Moto6 : Oh I think you Chinese... hihihihi
Hyo : No Chinese, Yes Zimbabwe
Moto6 : You need hotel? I have vely cheap hotel only 5 dollal
Hyo : No, I told you already I have hotel and I am going to my hotel

When I have gotten rid of this persistent moto driver I prepare myself for the next wave of hot sellers in the form of the notorious moto drivers;

Moto7 : Hello moto?
Hyo : No-ho
Moto7 : Hello hotel?
Hyo : No thank you
Moto7 : Oh, hello massage?
Hyo : No
Moto7 : Oh, hello lady?
Hyo : No
Moto7 : Hello boom-boom?
Hyo : NO!

Finaly I arrive at a guesthouse and think that I have survived the onslaught of hot sellers...

Hotel : What do you do tomollow?
Hyo : I don't know
Hotel : Maybe you go to DMZ toul only 10 dollal
Hyo : Maybe, can I have a look at the trip details?
Hotel : I think DMZ toul tomollow good fol you
Hyo : Why is DMZ tour good for me?
Hotel : Because cheap fol you and you happy
Hyo : I think about it over diner
Hotel : No I think bettel book now, good fol you
Hyo : I have diner first then I will decide if I book with you or not
Hotel : Oh OK, but book toul is good fol you

shmurf says:
haha thats so asian countries !! last year holiday in china some random guy talked us into taking us to our hotel charged us 20 aust dollars, the hotel was around the corner from the train station that we got off !! fooken asiansssss
Posted on: Feb 07, 2007
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photo by: Paulovic