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Word was out on the streets that every backpacker in Cambodia would be celebrating 2007 in Shoukers. We were still not convinced wether we would like spent new year's eve with hundreds of drunk backpackers on a crowded beach. But we wanted to see for ourselves if Shoukers was worth spending the new year so here we were in a Toyota Camry from Phnommes to Shoukers. Our fears about the infamous state of the Cambodian road infrastructure was unfounded as we were flying like an unguided projectile over the highway overtaking everybody and everything any which way possible.

As we arrived in style, a private taxi, we decided to explore Shoukers in style; a private tuk-tuk. Again we have a guy named John driving the tuk-tuk for the next hour. Just like in Phnommes there is not a whole lot to do, the beaches are great... err the best you can get in Cambodia which in itself isn't a great feat. So after an hour exploring in style we stop at the beach with the best strip.You really can't call a few beach shacks a strip but it will do, after all beggers can't be choosers. We do all the obligatory things eg swimming, bumming out in a sunseat, buying tropical fruits from the little girls etc and watch the sunset.

Time to party... you think. With high hopes we set out for the towncentre as nothing was happening on the beach and well... err nothing was happening down town either. The decision was unanimous that nothing was happening today and for tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow and it is very doubtfull that something would happen during new year's eve.

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