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My first steps in Shanghai were on the Bund and I barely walked 15 meters when I saw a lovely Spanish chica running towards me that looked very much like Ana and it was her! As she put it: "China is very big, but Shanghai is very small" As it happened they were in the hotel next to mine but were forced to move as the hotel had already a booking on the room, so they moved to the same hotel as me. Shanghai just became a little bit more smaller.

The girls lavished themselves in everything Shanghai has to offer; which is shopping, shopping and more shopping. Me, I went to see the big attraction on the Bund with Ana; the tourist tunnel. The tourist tunnel started promising with a real laser show but it was downhill from that. Red lights turning on and off with the accompaning voice saying that is was lava, we then were spoiled by two plastic dolls that represented heaven and hell and lastly as the suffering wasn't enough we saw yellow lights that were supposed to be meteorites. Believe or not this is one of the major tourist attractions of Shanghai next to the Bund itself and theFrench quarter that re-invented itself as a shopping quarter. If this is all Shanghai has to offer why are all the foreigners here? Well I think I'd have to find an answer to that during the night...

After the girls had to go back to Spain I decided to move to the Captain's Hostel and go out for the night and after a while I ended up in the Bon Bon club. I had to pay a whopping Y120 to get in but after that: Happy hours. Meaning every drink was on the house and when they mean every drink they mean every drink, eg: Johnny Walker Black label, Smirnoff and Tsing Tao Beer to name a few. I have seen quite a few Chinese leave the club in a comatose state and I needed the next day for recuperating from the excesive alcohol intake.

Still dazed and confused from the bon-bon I run into Chandlee: How small can Shanghai get? Well... very very small. It was nice meeting him and his sister again and we decided to check out the French quarter which was not really worth visiting but the best thing we could come up with.

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photo by: spocklogic