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Sara, Ana and Paloma were full of praise of Putoashan so here I was on this very bumpy boatride watching a bad bootleg version of "the Da Vinci Code" while my Chinese neighbour threw up all over herself. I am still in doubt if it was the bumpy ride or the bad movie that made her sick. Anyway it wasn't the picture perfect boat ride as advertised in the brochure. I should have known as all boats were cancelled due to typhoons in the area. Naturallement when the boat docked the touts were there but they were only offering very very expensive rooms from Y500 and up, this was insane and decided to take my chances in town... Sigh down town was even worse. All the relatively cheap accomodations were booked and that left me with a nice affordable room of Y650 per night.

I have to admit the room was very nice but I wasn't here for a nice room but to see temples, shrines, lakes, bridges, monks in short the China we all dream of... yeah along with me a couple of thousand of tourists mainly from China. As it happens it was a celebrating day for the island godess, she is lady luck. Local folklore or legend if you like, says that when she favours you and you get what you wished for (money, money and more money) you'll have to return to the island every year. I met a Chinese lady who visited the island for 14yrs now and insisted that I should make a wish and an offering to the lady. Time will tell if I have to return or not, the good thing about having to return is that I would have the moneys to stay as not only the accomodation was a bit pricey so was everything else and whereas I had hoped for a tranquille experience I was surrounded by people. Well next year better luck...

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