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Austrian village

Left Bled this morning with a bit of sadness to leave such a perfect place but looking forward to the next venture- on to Trencin

Spent an hour or two wandering Vienna... such a majestic city and finally a language that I can get my head and tongue around! Thank goodness for German. I don't know how the Slovenes do it, I just can't make sense of their language at all, it bears no resemblence to any of my smatterings of other European languages yet still uses the same alphabet, sort of. Listening to (and attempting to communicate in) German was BLISS.

Since Hotel Park back in Ljubljana refused to accept any form of payment for the room - they kept saying it had been paid for despite me never having given them or their website my credit card details- I decided to upgrade my ticket from Villach in SW Austria to Vienna because it's a 5 hour journey and I didn't really want a repeat of the 'belgian-lady-on-the-shoulder' incident. So, in first class Austrian train splendour I sped across the country through sunshine in the south and blizzard in the north.

Had a waltz around Vienna, then a train across the border into Slovakia to the capital, Bratislava. And there was the end of luxury train travel...

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Austrian village
Austrian village
photo by: hellenica