It's pronounced 'olla-moats', naturally :-)

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The slow train through Western Czech to Olomouc

Out of the nightmare that is Slovakian train travel... and into the Czech Republic. Due to a run-in with a drunkard on a packed full superfast Pendolino train which would have taken me almost straight from Trencin to Olomouc, I ended up jumping off that train as soon as I could (first stop over the border) and settling for the next best thing... a rattling rust bucket of a train which was all but empty. It was a stopping-all-stations sort of thing and hence I took the scenic route to Olomouc and visited most of Moravia's outer lying villages in a four hour journey of epic proportions. At least the Czech signpost their train stations though...

Olomouc (olla-moats, isn't the Czech language great?!) is a smallish city in the Moravian district of the Czech Republic, often billed as being 'Prague without the tourists'.

Town Hall
It sort of is, in a way... just far, far smaller, but it's got the same building style, same look, feel, smell. It's even got the only other Czech astronomical clock outside of Prague complete with birthdays of Lenin and Stalin, helpfully added by those nasty communists.

Somehow I found myself staying in a hostel here - anybody who knows me knows that I don't do hostels, I came across this one by accident- they are very recommended by multiple sources and are run by Australians living in Olomouc. Despite being a hostel they said they could do a single room for a very good price (all arranged while I was still in Aus) so figuring I couldn't go wrong, I booked in. And look, it's not at all bad, it's just incredibly embarrassing because a 'single room' has turned out to be an entire dormitory so everyone else who was previously nicely spaced out between three dorms is now squished (and it is a squish) into 2. As all rooms come off a common area it's really, really obvious that I'm just a teeny weeny bit precious and have a massive space all to myself. Cringe.

Nonetheless, I'm doing my very bestest to get used to communal spaces and shared showers and toilets etc... I'm so not cut out for 'hostelling', bring on the Mayfair in London, baby!

Heading to Prague on Friday for a day, then over to Geneva.

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The slow train through Western Cze…
The slow train through Western Cz…
Town Hall
Town Hall
UNESCO-listed tower in Horni Names…
UNESCO-listed tower in Horni Name…
photo by: CFD