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Prague from Museum

I can feel the kicks and punches of you people back home already as I write this but I'm going to do it anyway - Prague is not everything you made it out to be. (Ow, that hurt!)

 Sorry, call me what you will, but I just wasn't as gob-smacked and dazzled as you had me believe I would be. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful, beautiful place, but I just can't see what all the hype is about. Actually, couldn't see much of anything because of the throngs of tourists perpetually in front of my face.

It was a brief stopover, only one night and really just as a way to get from Olomouc to Geneva via the airport. I stayed in a new hotel called Miss Sophie's which is part hostel (ew, shudder) and part budget but swanky hotel- it was a very good find, just at the top end of the museum square, good service, all refurbished, pretty cheap.

Prague Museum

The highlight of Prague in a perverse sort of way would have to be the trip to the National Museum. For the most part it’s chaotically assembled- you’ll be looking at an Eskimo suit in a glass cabinet and then turn around and it’s an Inca pottery piece and then the next corner there’ll be a femur with evidence of osteomyelitis. One cool thing was a room with an operating table in the middle and a projector on the ceiling playing a video of a total hip replacement onto the operating table.

The other two weird things were:

1.       They have a collection of 20, 000 rocks.

Miss Sophie's Hotel (green building)
No kidding, they’re in cabinets of 60, rows of 300. And not just one of each variety, but multiples. And all on their own little stand, with a gold embossed plaque stating what it is and where they got it from and what group it belongs to. It’s just insane- but the worst thing was that it was so busy the museum staff made patrons go pain-stakingly one way so I saw every single one of the 20,000 specimens. That's twenty- thousand rocks, people. Delightful. Then they have the audacity at the end of the display to ask for donations to buy more rocks!!!!!! They must have rocks in their heads.

2.       They have zillions of stuffed animals, it’s a bit creepy when you see just how many there are. Unlike the rocks they didn’t say how many, but there were rooms and rooms and rooms full of them. Very, very, odd. Birds, mammals, reptiles, even fish and amphibians. And they do creepy things with them like position the massive birds of prey on branches just above head height so it’s as though they’re about to peck your eyes out. Revolting. (I hate birds).

So, that was Prague. Took a delightful (sarcasm ++) EasyJet flight to Geneva in which the woman in front of me reclined her seat so far back that it was touching my nose before she then proceeded to read a book on yoga positions, of all things. It was me doing the yoga, not her!

Anyway... Geneva for a day or so to meet up with Pete again then off to La France.

yorickandelan2 says:
I said I would accompany you in spirit, but did you really have to take me on those God-awful trains and with all their inherent dangers? Drunks? Lack of signage? Throwing yourself off trains onto your bum in pitch black? Aaaaah! Waiting to hear impressions of Prague, which I am sure will be redolent with your scorn for such a 'touristy place' after your wilder adventures. So, how does it feel to be a princess, with a dorm to yourself? Did you find the pea under the mattress?
Posted on: Jan 05, 2008
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Prague from Museum
Prague from Museum
Prague Museum
Prague Museum
Miss Sophies Hotel (green buildin…
Miss Sophie's Hotel (green buildi…
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