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Waiting to get into the concert venue
First thing first - I love going to concerts and hearing bands playing my favorite songs.  I find that it is a great way to release any suppressed tension by screaming with a couple hundred people or so and sometimes singing along.  This concert didn't do that...it actually did the opposite...making it the worst concert experience ever...

After our day of some minor sight seeing we drove with one of my cousins to the City of Queretaro which is approximately 1 hr away.  We found the concert venue (ICONOS) rather quickly and bought the tickets at about $10 each which we thought was more than reasonable.   The ticket said that the doors would open around 9 pm so we had a couple of hours to eat dinner, etc.
Cool lighting

We got back to the venue a little after 8 pm and there is a nice sized crowd waiting for admittance which is to be expected since the doors open at 9 pm.   I should mention at this point that the temps in this part of Mexico gets a little chilly at night - you need a least a sweater to be comfortably warm.  My sis and I told Daniel this but he kinda ignored us and just thinks Mexico as a shorts weather country...

Well 9 pm comes around and the doors are still closed and unfortunately it starts to drizzle - a cold drizzle.  People start huddling around and are getting impatient with the door keepers.  They start whistling and if I knew how to whistle I probably would've joined them as well.

Around 10 pm they start letting people in but at this point any semblance of a line is long gone.
The band
  People are pushing trying to get in as quick as possible.  Luckily my experience of traversing through concert crowds helps me at this point and I get in first.  Unfortunately, my sis, Daniel and my cousin Leo don't get in as quick.  It's another half hour before we are all together on the main floor and this is when we realize how bad this concert has been set up.

The venue is actually a bar with limited seats and tables and the only way to get seats is if you buy a minimum of 2 bottles of booze at $60 each.  We decided not to buy thinking the concert is probably going to start pretty soon and we could stand for the hour or so long show.  We were wrong - the band didn't start playing until sometime after midnight!!!

At this point we were all exhausted, impatient and tense from the waiting and being stuck in a place that had way too many people for the small space.  We only heard about 5 songs before we called it quits and were trying to find a way out of the place.  This was difficult considering the stairs to the main entrance was blocked by hundreds of people.  My sister eventually convinced the security guy to let us out through the emergency exit.  We eventually got back to Tequis around 2 am.

I won't mention this band's name cause after this experience I'm not that into them anymore...but I did get some cool pics...

agarcia says:
Can't you tell from the pictures? ;D They have come to Chicago a couple of times but I still haven't gone to see them...
Posted on: May 23, 2008
bok673 says:
Come on, Who was the band? I love Mexican rock, I gotta know.
Posted on: May 23, 2008
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Waiting to get into the concert ve…
Waiting to get into the concert v…
Cool lighting
Cool lighting
The band
The band
photo by: Sadmadbaldbloke