A Sad Goodbye or "Give me back my inhaler!!!"

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stuck in the airport for HOURS due to thunderstorms
I was so sad to leave Ireland behind! I have no Irish ancestery, but it sure felt like home. The place and the people definitely carved a place into my heart and I can definitely see myself back there again, maybe permanently one day!

Other than sadly leaving, the trip back was hell. While we were in the air, the whole liquid explosive ordeal went down in London, and we were quite clueless as we landed in Newark. We had to repack all out whiskey and toiletries, hoping they would make it in one piece back to Florida. At the security check, they tried taking away our birth control, allergy meds and asthma inhalers! We had to argue with the guy at security until finally another TSA agent came aorund and told him "hey dude, they need those inhalers. If they have an asthma attack in the air, they won't be able to breath." My backpack got emptied out and my pretty pressed flower journal got torn up in the process as well.

We had a second layover in Atlanta, where the airport shut down for 4 hours, then we were waiting in line on the tarmac for 3 hours before finally taking off. In total, it took us 25 hours to get back, greasy, tired, dehydrated, cranky.
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stuck in the airport for HOURS due…
stuck in the airport for HOURS du…
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