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market mayhem

I took a random trip to this market because I was bored to death when I woke up at Pana/Lago De Atitlan.  I crept early morning outside and noticed a sign of a bus going to the Chichicastenango market.  I said what the heck, I'm up for a little adventure today.  Bought my ticket and off I went......One thing I was i going to get back?

The usual stop for all shuttles is the gas station.  Prepare to get lost! I'm seriously pretty good with my own sense of direction.  I slowly wandered off....before you know it...all hell breaks loose....It is so packed that I forgot which direction was the parking lot gas station.  Hehe!

Always bargain half or less.  If they say 100q's....tell them somewhere around 40q's.

buying some masks to scare the kids
..and its yours.  Be persistent in your bargaining! These guys are pros....They have seen more tourists than you have seen the oprah show! Exercise basic common sense....Keep all your money in your front pocket at all times..and guard it!....Pickpockets are known to roam this market. 

Pictures are not so welcomed.  Locals are not so happy about foreigners taking pictures of them.  Locals are not so nice here because of the heavy tourism.  Money comes from tourism so they are forced to put a smile.  ;)

Fried chicken and fries is a must try here!....You will not taste anything better.....Even Pollo Campero loses to this chicken..... Must try!! Please try it and then tell me if it isn't the best chicken you have eaten!!!

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market mayhem
market mayhem
buying some masks to scare the kids
buying some masks to scare the kids
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