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Travel Dates: Dec 4-6, 2007


Well, I'm back from NYC and FULL to the brim with holiday spirit.

Scoot and I took a little trip into the city on Tuesday. Our first stop was the WTC (World Trade Center) or at least what remains of it. Now, there is a Subway/Train station in what was once the underground portion of either WTC 1 or WTC 2. I'm directionally challenged, so I'm not sure which.

Off the train, we headed street-side to take a peek. A sky as blue as a Tiffany box and light feathery snow greeted us in the midst of the creation of the new Freedom Tower. The names of all the victims are currently posted on the surrounding fence. Those of you who know me well know that I'm not especially sentimental, but the list of victims brought tears to my eyes in spite of my frozen heart (and toes). A sign posted overhead says, "Think back. Move forward." I think that's just good advice in general.

We hopped on the subway and made our next stop Times Square. Just walking amongst the throngs of people, blaring horns and lights made me feel like a New Yorker. I even shouted out loud once and no one noticed. Yeah. I think I may belong there.

We made our way to Grand Central Station which may be my favorite NYC landmark of all times. It's a beautiful building, having been restored to it's former grandeur with the helps of Jackie O. Constellations in blue twinkle overhead, and, during the holiday season, the ceiling is the backdrop for a festive laser show. A Christmas market abounds with homemade and manufactured gifts on the perimeters and downstairs is a food lover's paradise with arguably THE BEST New York pizza to be found at Two Boots Pizza. I was not too adventurous there. I ate Pizza Margarita and Scoot chose a slice of Sicilian and the Newman (yes, after the Seinfeld character). Other popular slices include the Mr. Pink and Larry Tate. Gotta love a place that names their pizza after Reservoir Dogs!

Another subway ride and short walk brought us to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We walked through a pyramid brought over and reassembled. Tomb after tomb of mummies and sarcophagi (I don't know what the plural of sarcophagus is) scattered before us. After two hours of just the Egyptian and Ancient Grecian rooms, we skipped the American wing and headed over to Modern Art and the Master's rooms. There our eyes feasted on real, true Liechtenstein’s and Andy Warhols. Georgia O'Keefe really knocked me out. Even her painting of a cow's skull was incredible. All her lines are so soft. I wish my dreams were like her masterpieces.

After Georgia, the paintings and sculptures seemed to blend together, and the walking and eating all over New York was taking it's toll. Scoot and I started looking more for chairs than for art and wanting a nap more than a million dollars. Just then, we turned the corner and Monet's Water lilies waved to us. A burst of energy engulfed us and propelled us around some of the most brilliant paintings ever. First Monet, then Serault and Gaugin and Degas, and, in my opinion, the best of them all - Vincent Van Gogh. I never knew an Iris so blue nor a rose so white. Golden wheat fields sang in his wind and stars twinkled in the darkest of night.

Then, we were kicked out. Well, really, the museum closed. Then we took long, long walk around the bottom of Central Park where we happened upon the raising of the Menhorrah in honor of the first night of Hanukah and onto the Time Warner building where we met Scoot's parents for dinner. Along the way, we ran into yet another Christmas Market in Columbus Circle. We purchased an ornament for a present and made our way into a much warmer climate.

After a quick dinner, we headed at long last to Lincoln Center for the opera. I have never been to an opera and quite frankly thought it would be a bunch of screeching, but I'm open to new experiences. In the future, remind me not to do so much before I go to an opera as I promptly fell asleep in time with the curtain's rise. My summation of an opera? An expensive place to take a nap.

Maybe next time I'll get a little more rest before I go.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah to all of you, my friends!

Remember: Think back. Move forward.


tiddleyboom says:
Norma. It's about druids and Romans - not a lot of costume changes and getting up at 4am didn't help! I'm sure there are a few out there that I'll like better. :)
Posted on: Dec 13, 2007
martinikitty13 says:
which opera was it? i hope you catch another one and stay awake next time! operas are wonderful! :)
Posted on: Dec 12, 2007
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