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As we were deciding to take the train from Madrid to Lisbon, we were offered the choice of our own overnight cabin or a shared one.  With my luck, if we were to get a shared cabin, it would not be with Inga and Gretchen of Sveeden, so we elected to get a private cabin.  We left at 11pm we were sleeping just fine, till around 1am when this bitch just starts knocking on our door, in a rush to get in.  I'm struggling to wake up and open the door at the same time, in the dark....she just kept pounding on the door, yelling to open it...we finally get it open and she looks at us and says "oh, sorry" then she goes to the next cabin where her husband was and knocks on his door.  I could not sleep after that.   We had a bit of a delay when we got to Lisbon because my friend left his camera on the train, when he went back to look for it, it was gone.  The funny thing is that I'm the forgetful one and on a couple of occasions I almost lost my camera, but someone or something stopped me each time and I was able to recover it.  He forgets it once, and it was gone.  Swiped by the train crew since the train was emptied out, but not turned in to lost and found. 

We found our hotel with the help of a very nice and attractive Portugese woman.  We don't speak portugese, but we are fluent in spanish, and we were able to hold a conversation with her, as the two languages are very similar.  We found our hotel, it was a 3 star- but more reminiscent of a 2-star.  I won't badmouth the hotel as the workers were friendly, but finding a long hair on my pillow was a bit discusting...though I guess it's better than a shorty curly hair.  We saw some really cool things, such as the soda vending machine actually sold beer.  Had never seen that before.  The beach was outstanding.  We got there around 3pm or so, and it was a gorgeous beach with gorgeous people.  Next time I go to portugal I will stay in Cascais and enjoy the beach.  The hotels were beautiful and the water was delicious.  We headed back to the hotel that late afternoon, we were a bit beat from the long train ride and all the walking.  Got back to the hotel and took a nap.  We got up in time to go to Barrio Alto to hang out.  We ate some excellent steak at a restaurant and listened to some live Fado music sung by Piedad.  We had our picture taken with her and another singer of Fado.  We walke around the area checking places out.  Wasn't anything special, so we took off to a club that we had heard about.  We get there and they ask if we are locals, we say no, and they tell us that entry is 200 Euros...needless to say we don't go in.  We head back to the hotel after an uneventful night, though I willl say the dinner made up for it.

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photo by: Johnpro