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In Feburaury 2006 I left my home and job in Santa Barbara, California to go traveling with three friends.  I´ve seen the most beautiful sunsets on the beaches of Ko Phangan, Thailand... I lived in a flat above a bar called the Barleycorn for two months in Melbourne, Australia... I´ve been bungy jumping over a river in Taupo, New Zealand... and now it´s time to for me to explore the avenues of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

In Thailand, there was a saying used very often.  You could find it printed everywhere on Tshirts and postcards for tourists... ¨Same, Same, but Different¨At the time my friends and I didn´t quite grasp the meaning, but now that I have been traveling for over 5 months, those Tshirts make so much more sense.
No matter where you go there will always be a post office to send a card, a grocery store to pick up food, a pay phone to call your family, and a McDonalds right around the corner.  And you´ll still find the same groups of people.  The wealthy, the poor, the young, the old, the drinkers, the stoners, the good, and the bad.  It´s all ¨Same, Same, but somehow Different...  A new country, a new culture, a new town, a new hostel, a new friend... that´s where the difference comes in.  My friend once told me, ¨No matter where you go, everything is the same, but the scenery is different. The trick is to learn to love that... and see as much scenery as possible

With this blog I want to document the same, same, but different of each place I go.  The trivial daily things that are too boring to write home to the fam about, but interesting enough to me that I want to share it with other people.  It´s the small things that happen every day that make this experience so wonderful.

I´ll write what I see and I´ll write what I feel.  I can´t promise it will always be interesting... but I can promise it will be honest.



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