Top 5 ways to Con your folks into paying for your spring break trip.

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Top 5 ways to Con your folks into paying  for your spring break trip.

       With Christmas approaching, along with the continues lifestyle of
being a broke college student, how the hell are you going to pay for
your spring break trip in '08. Truth is, unless you are planning on
winning the lottery or planning to do something illegal, it is going
to be near impossible to avoid your trip, unless you con your parents
into doing it.

The top 5 ways to Con your folks into paying for your spring break trip:

1. Find away to apply spring break to your studies: Parents want
nothing more for their kids then to get a good education so they can
retire and live of your fortune. (I do think this is the way life is
supposed to be anyway) So tell them that it is in their best interest
to invest their money into a trip to help clear your mind to better
prepare yourself for the upcoming semester.

2. "No, no, it's for school!: This one is tricky but could be done.
Convince your parents that you will be studying abroad for a week to
take part in this great cause in the Bahamas to fight global warming
and that a good percentage of people in your major are going as well.
First of all, parent love to give their kids what ever other kid is
getting so at neighborhood parties they can brag about how good your
doing (which really means how good their doing too.) Also, this way,
you are telling the truth in some cases, maybe there's no cause, but
it is a very hot part of the globe and half you school maybe going.

3. Butter them up for a year. Plan a year in advance, butter them up
all year with good grades, a smile, a clean room and small gifts. Then
come time to cash out, you have some, "but i've done (blank) &
(blank.)" It usually works quite well, it also makes general
punishments for various things you would normally get hit bad for less

4. Opps! Tuition went up again!: "Gosh, darn inflation, I never did
see why getting an education gets more expensive. Sorry Mom and Dad,
but school this year is going to cost about two grand more."

5. Be honest: Hey, parents can just be cool sometimes right? Will
Smith did say that "sometimes parents just don't understand." Not all
the time. Try it out, ask them if they'll pay for it. Explain that
there is an absolute need in your heart that makes you feel that if
you don't go to Cancun while your in college then you'll never grow to
be a complete whole hearted adult and there is a slight chance that
they're grandchildren may end up challenged. It may work. (but try
this one last, you don't want to blow your cover)

Hope this all has helped. I will sure do my very best to keep this in
college student exclusive pages (so us kids don't get bagged!!!) Read
some of my other blogs that relate to college, music, art, etc. I'll
keep you posted on the spring break tips.

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photo by: Marina2710