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ugly skyscrapers next to beautiful beach

17 July 2005


Lying on the beach in Surfers Paradise I’m watching some Japanese tourists being swept away by high and unpredictable waves. They scream as if a tsunami had just hit them.

The sand is floury. I feel like on drugs. Surfers Paradise looks as if God had a crap here. Construction sites are everywhere. Skyscrapers spring up like mushrooms and cast an ugly cloud over the beach. The people seem happy as hell as if this was their personal paradise. This place is so strangely surreal.

Before sunset I walk back to the Islanders Hostel, a place that sucks for getting to know people.

Surfers Paradise
The only person in my room is Joshi from Japan. Joshi is really called Joshi and here partly for a holiday and partly to do kickboxing. He devours vitamin pills like the cookie monster cookies. I tell him that I have a Byron-Bay-Hangover but he just laughs instead of commiserating with me.


I eat a Subway Sandwich but it doesn’t taste good. I smoke a cigarette but it doesn’t taste good either. For a while I walk around town without a plan. Back in my room a couple has arrived. A couple that pays for two beds but sleeps in one. Backpacking couples are always strange. Of course they say “hi, how’s it going?” or something like that but besides that they mostly stick to themselves.

Around 10pm I fall asleep accompanied by the couple’s kissing noises and my own beating of the heart.


18 July 2005


I wake up.

The Islanders, my hostel in Surfers Paradise
One month in Australia. Eleven still to go.

Everything hurts, especially my spine which is probably due to numerous different mattresses.

To ease my pain a bit I decide to go for a swim on the beach again. A wave eats me up, whirls me around, thereby almost undresses me and spits me out again. Shaky I get out of the water again and air-dry the water on my skin.

After a couple of hours of getting an imaginative tan I walk back to the hostel. I read a book for a while and then try to get my laundry dry which is a matter of pure luck with Australian driers.


I need a regular life. I’m already looking forward to (hopefully) finding a job in Brisbane.

Lindsay and friend
At the moment every goddamn day is weekend and in the long run this is not good. It’s nice when wanting to work. Work means time passes, money comes and with time and money the desire for more travels. And life goes on.


I like the smell of the sand and sea. I like that my skin is softer than usual. I like listening to music while roaming the streets of a new place. I like the thought of getting to Brisbane tomorrow. I like the thought of staying there for a while. I like the thought of meeting interesting people there. Permanent people. And the fact that I like all those things makes me happy. Always complaining doesn’t do any good either.

Plan for tonight: Sit down in the pedestrian area and watch people for hours until I get tired and hopefully fall asleep with a smile on my face.

But “life is like a box of chocolates… You never know what you’re gonna get”.

NOR ???
Thanks Forrest!

So I go to the Down Under Bar instead which is right next to my hostel. There they serve “free dinner” when you buy a drink. The drink costs AU$ 5 which is more than you’d normally pay for a drink but still cheap in connection with the food. However, the dinner turns out to be a total flop. It’s two wrinkly sausages with mashy mashed potatoes (bangers and mash), broccoli and carrots. I take a seat next to three girls from Birmingham. They are travelling around Australia with OzExperience.

I blabber my usual stuff: where I’ve been, where I’m going to, for how long and so on. A bit later another English guy and James from Ireland join our conversation. We’re all having pints. One of the girls is named Lindsay and I get the feeling that there’s always one Lindsay in a group of English girls. We’re showing each other pictures on our digital cameras. Of course they think Nemo at the Sydney aquarium is “soooo cute”. They only have party pictures.


A bit later I join the two guys for “raising some hell”, as they say.

Surfers Paradise at night
They are having a spliff on the street giggling like kindergarten kids. Passing a nightclub they ask the bouncer if there were any gorgeous girls in his club. The bouncer goes “yeah yeah, mate, no worries, we have the most gorgeous girls in town, they even dance on your lap, mate, no kidding”. I see saliva dribbling from my two companion’s mouth, so we check out the club. The interior is huge but the crowd consists of a mere 15 people. And no girls. The music sucks as well. We play some pool because that’s what men do when there are no girls around.

Three beers later the guys suggest to go to “Hollywood Showgirls” which is just across the street. So I’m willing to have a look. But I soon learn that the entry is a horrendous fee of AU$ 10. Seeing my shock the female (!) bouncer of the club is trying to season the offer for me a bit more.

Bouncer: “The girls are all naked inside!”

James: “Totally naked???”

Bouncer: “Yes, they take of all their clothes and dance on your lap!”

James: “Wicked!”


James just looks at me with his eyes wide open in fascination, he wants to go in right away.

sunset seen from the hostel
I say “no, thanks” and go home which I’m very happy about. First of all because I saved 10 bucks and secondly because I resisted the temptation of this “seducing-men-with-phantasies-of-naked-women” scam.


I fall asleep with a smile on my face.

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ugly skyscrapers next to beautiful…
ugly skyscrapers next to beautifu…
Surfers Paradise
Surfers Paradise
The Islanders, my hostel in Surfer…
The Islanders, my hostel in Surfe…
Lindsay and friend
Lindsay and friend
NOR ???
NOR ???
Surfers Paradise at night
Surfers Paradise at night
sunset seen from the hostel
sunset seen from the hostel