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    Oh Europe, thou arrest my soul with your beauty and culture. Your great ancient buildings preserved through the ages, built up through generations of hapless hard labor.  Your towers of Eiffel and London, of bridges and cathedrals, all set in stone to show the world how great (or terrible) it all once had been.  Your museums hold art of insurmountable value and priceless ness.  Your streets of cobblestone and brick hold true to tradition.  The rivers Thames, Seine, and Rhine twist through your cities provoking thoughts of battles waged and harrowing escapes.

    Yet, there is an underlying depression in seeing all of this.  All this culture and heroism built upon powers controlling and collapsing entire societies.  What is the louvre without Napoleon, the Catholic Church, or ancient Greeks, or Romans?  The Arch de Triumphe without the triumph?  The Tower of London without the torture and execution?  The Notre Dame without Charlemagne? And, World War II without Hitler?  They are historically insignificant.  It becomes clear to see that culture in any society is almost always based on the instinctual philosophies of conquer and kill. 

    Oh yes, and there is always the one that says, "Religious inspiration brings out the best in the arts."  Bullshit.  Fear of exile, arrest or execution brings out the best in art.  The desire to be the most powerful and attract the most people brings out the best in art.  Homoeroticism and obsession with rebellion bring out the best in art. Religious inspiration brings out the best in creative manipulation (although corporate America is giving that a run for its money).
    But, true to form it was still interesting enough to be far more pleasant than
New York City and Los Angeles.  The people were assholes (what's new?) and Anti-American sentiment had spread like the plague, a relief to my part. 

    The people are not as militaristic or obese, the women are prettier and approachable, and everyone is slightly more open to actual conversation and not the tape recorder kind like, "Hi, my name is Sebastian. I'm originally from
Quebec city, Canada. I'm a trainee and a model. And No, I don't like modeling but it is good money.  Yes, Canada is nice. And yes you’re going to ask me where the hell is Quebec.  I'm learning to fly fighter jetplanes. No, it's not that difficult and blah blah blah." 

sarahelaine says:
Sebastian, you forgot showing off, and I think impressing chicks counts as well as eroticism. The Eiffel tower - case proved!
Posted on: Dec 11, 2007
SoloSister says:
Personal battles and suffering inspire and that is what brings out the best in art!!
Posted on: Dec 11, 2007
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