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After missing one bus we were determined to not miss another. We made sure we were at the station in plenty of time, crossing the Bolivian border as soon as it opened at 7am and booking our ticket on the Argentinian side this time.

The bus was amazing, very comfortable seats and the roads were so slat, no ruts or bumps! It was honestly like dying and going to heaven, haha.

I am kinda glad to be out of Bolivia to be honest. Dont get me wrong we did alot of very cool stuff but after Peru alot of the Bolivians were extremely rude, tried to rip us off and there were also alot more aggressive people. We met some very nice people too but not once in Peru or Mexico did I meet anyone I can recall being rude/aggressive etc.


Pulling into Buenes Aires was weird, it is a massive city, something which we are now so unused to. There are Mcds, Burger Kings, Shell garages and I even spied an Inter Sport!

At the bus stop we got our bags from the bus and the guy who handed us them started rubbing his fingers in our face shouting the cash, cash repeatedly. I dont exactly understand why the hell he felt he needed a tip for 3 seconds of work but we certainly didnt give him it when he demanded it. He followed us up the bus station shouting insults as he went...not a good first impression of Argentina.

We checked into Hostal Lime which seems hugely expensive after Bolivia at 7quid a night but all was forgotten after I used the shower. It is hot!!!!! Such a luxury, I spent like 20 minutes in the shower savouring the fact that my muscles werent contracting painfully in anger at the temperature.

We then headed to a restaraunt called La Cavrera which is very famous for its steaks. We were very lucky to get a table with only 2 left for the whole night! The first thing we noticed was the size of the knifes which were so big I considered them machetes. This looked promising. The steak was just as good as its reputation. It was absolutley massive, amazingly tender and the taste...well just thinking about it has my mouth watering! Bend had a stomach bug and had to force it down, I felt so sorry for him. All this way for a steak and he cant even enjoy it...haha, it is funny in a sadistic sort of way!

For some reason the restaraunt charges you what amounts to 1 quid for cutlery! I couldnt believe it but was too stuffed to argue.

Well worth the treck!!!!


We booked our bus to Rio for today at 6 so we just wandered around the city with no real plans. Buenes Aires is a very beautiful city, the men are all impecably dressed and alot of them are taller than me!(6ยจ5). It is very strange looking up to people aftre so long. There are also tons of very beautiful women and the whole bustle and feel of the city is very cool. Somewhere I think I could quite easily live.

Going to our bus the driver first took us to the wrong station which left us racing towards our bus, some very dangerous driving and Bend in the back seat, telling me if we didnt get out he was going to cap himself(to do with his sore stomach, not the driving although Im guessing that didnt help!).


RabOrr says:

D xxx
Posted on: Dec 13, 2007
RabOrr says:
The cutlery charge was probably to cover the cost of people taking the unusual knives?

Where to next then and put the rest of your photos up!

D xxx

Posted on: Dec 12, 2007
CharmaineX says:
Lol wait till you get home and see the prices back here im sure u shall forgive them seeing as your steak was huge LOL and probably cheap =p
Charmaine x
Posted on: Dec 12, 2007
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