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Bristol is the nearest place to where I live where there is anything to do.  Most of the summer was a total wash out, but there were a couple of stunning weekends, and this was one of them.  I was arranging the post-break up CD custody exchange with my most recent ex boyfriend (henceforth MREB for short!), so I was pretty cross.  Crossing the river, I went to the place where the MREB and I had arranged to meet.  I sat down on the edge of the floating harbour and tried to ignore the weird guy who was hitting on me. 

"are you here alone?"

"I'm meeting someone"

"Lucky guy"
"Yes, he is"

"You want a drink?"


"When's he coming?"

And about this point, I decided that MREB was going to be pushed in the river when he eventually showed up.

  It turned out that he was stuck on the other side of the bridge that opens, that always opens at that time, and that any suggestion that he should, in that case, have arranged to meet somewhere else or bloody well crossed the bridge ten minutes ago were not going to go down well.  In the interests of staying friends/ not getting done for assault, I gave him a quick hug and explained that if he didn't stop saying "you look really... lovely, really... really well..." we would not stay friends, and he would be fishing the CDs out of the harbour.  And then I forgave him. 

It's all about ground rules, right?

And after that, we had a nice afternoon of being friends, a quick beer, and a sit in the Brandon Hill park.  I love that park - you can see the whole of Bristol from up there, and there's usually dogs to watch.  I like watching dogs, because they do funny things and often chase the darn pigeons away.  The sun shone, and there were a lot of balloons about.  I'm going to have to change this date, because I don't think it was the fiesta weekend, and I don't think I waited till August to swap CDs back.  The fiesta weekend might have been a different adventure. 

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photo by: petit_gooroo