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One of my new friends, Michelle
I was talking to Racquel about it. She encouraged me to write about it. She wanted to read my perspective on the event even if I did not have a lot of pics. In case you want to see pics check out the other blogs on the SF meeting. My buddies took a lot of pics. haha. Well here it goes...

I woke up and I knew it was the day of the meeting. I also knew that Racquel, Rowena, and Tessa are going. I'm pretty shy when it comes to meeting strangers. That's one point for going cause some of my buddies are going. At work, the census is down. Another point for going. I haven't called in ever since last year. Third point for going. You can see where this is going right? I did attend the meeting but I was really late. Usually from my place it doesn't take too long to make it in SF ~30mins.
I'm glad I made it to the mtg.
I proceeded on 880 and it was clear. As I approached the toll stalls, geez I see a parking garage, red lights. It was stop and go till after the toll plaza. I thought to myself it'll be ok, I'll be late but my buddies will be there still. I hope so. I turned up the volume of my radio and started to sing out loud to make time pass. I mapquested the destination. I got there without problems except for the traffic I had mentioned earlier.

I tried calling Rowena and Tessa on their cells to see if they were here. It all went to voicemail. Thanks guys! Whoa, I will have to go at this alone. Kinda scary. From the parking garage, I walked to Jade Bar. I opened the door and behold a whole lot of people. I preceded to the bar. I needed a drink to get me a little relaxed before I was going to the meeting. Along with my order I asked the bartender if there was a meeting still going on. He answered that there is a meeting, he just wasn't sure but that there were lots of people downstairs. I continued to finish my drink. I didn't get a chance to eat prior to the meet so yup you guessed it I was buzzing. Yes, I am a light weight. All done with the drink but first I needed to take care of my bladder haha

I proceeded down the stairs and there were lots of people. There was a bar. I proceeded to the bar. I needed another drink. On my way to the bar I recognized Ekua. I greeted her and introduced myself. I told her my story and she was like its all good. Everybody was still here. I was like YES!!! I proceeded to order my drink. It was weird but because I was buzzing, I became a totally different person. I'm talkative. I started talking to this one individual but I couldn't remember his name. Hehe His name is Tom. I was also approached by Jay. He was like that's great you made it. He told me that I was his first friend on the site. As the bartender was making my drink, I looked around. I was amazed with the amount of people here. Everybody was chatting with one another and everyone had smiles on their faces having a grand old time. I spotted my buddies. I got my drink and walked over to them. Of course, they were taking a gazillion pictures like they always do haha. I had my camera with me but since they were there I was assured that they would have all sorts of pictures of this event. Basically they got it taken care of. Rowena greeted me first and she was like "Girl you made it!!!" I spoke to her briefly. I sat down with my drink and sat on a stool right across from Tessa. She was sitting close to Michelle and they were chatting. I introduced myself to Michelle. From then on, we chatted. We talked about our travels. She's super cool!!! You can say we were on the same page, wavelength, etc. We totally clicked. I spoke to several other friends like Mark, Ekua, Will, Will's friend, Tom, Jay, Nicole, Amit, Roger, Portia, and Leah. Me and Leah greeted each other briefly with a smile. It was all good. I hope I didn't forget anybody. It came to the point where it was time to go home and I was getting over my buzz. Michelle had mentioned that she was working tomorrow morning. I asked her how she got to Jade and she told me that she walked. It would bother my conscience if she walked alone that night to bart. I was going to drive her to bart. We started to say our good byes to all our new friends. With so much people I obviously didn't get to talk to everyone. Its ok though I have no regrets. At least I showed up. I also heard that one of the people who developed this awesome site was also here that night. The night wouldn't be complete without at least bidding David goodbye. I'm glad that at least I got to talk to him even if so brief. I know that this would not be the last meet up. There will be more opportunities to talk to one of the masterminds of this site. I left for home with all smiles and of course, new friends.

bkretzer says:
Good Blog! I admire your courage to go to the meeting. (I'm on the shy side, too)
Posted on: Feb 01, 2008
RacquelT127 says:
great blog girlee.. I told u it'd be great =) love it
Posted on: Jan 16, 2008
ted332 says:
e kasi gusto ko. :) haha
Posted on: Jan 16, 2008
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One of my new friends, Michelle
One of my new friends, Michelle
Im glad I made it to the mtg.
I'm glad I made it to the mtg.