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OC girls! And sybil being silly in the back!
Ok, So let me in on the action.  We arrive in LA... took us a while to find it.  Vic's navigation system was not really helping us.  And we gave our only direction print out to Janene in case we lost her.  Which we did.  We exited  on 4th st.  because we at least knew that the Edison was on 2nd street faily close to the freeway.  We took a short tour of Los Angeles.   There were detour signs and one way streets... so we just drove in search for 2nd St .  On our drive Melanie (mellemel8) calls me and tells me to park in "Joe's Auto Parking" on the left past 2nd street.  Well, we were on 2nd st.  we searched for the numbers on the buildings... hmmm, seems like we were pretty close.
Me and Ludo
  We make a left on I don't recall what street, but there, in between buildings we spot "Joe's Auto Parking."  We park and make our way to... the alley.

Edison, Edison... hey... where's the Edison??  The only thing I knew was that it was going to be in some industrial looking building.  Vic and I did the virtual tour the night before! lol   But I figured there would at least be a huge sign in lights... or maybe a light bulb!  haha
But no.  We look down the alley and see a bouncer and ropes... that must be it!  As we get closer, they have a little sign, like a poster board that said "the Edison".  Yeah, we made it!  Kelly searches for her ID, and for a moment we were afraid she had forgotten it, well, she wasn't worried, but I was.
Keep talking... don't look! I said DON'T! lol
  I was freezing my buns off and needed to take a pee break, the bouncer tells me I can head in, but I refused to go inside w/out my partner in crime.  Ok, she found it... let's go in.

As  we enter, we were greeted by the hostesses dressed in vintage 1920's attire.  Maybe they weren't really vintage, but they the style was.  Very classy and gorgeous might I add.   We walk down the staircase and make our way down the "main bar."  Our first priority was to hit the restroom.  Hey, it was a long drive and we (Kelly and I) had a FEW sips of wine already.  lol There were bouncers everywhere, telling us where we can't go, you know, because the ropes were not enough to keep us out of an area!  I think they were forewarmed about Kelly and I! lol  They kindly showed us the quickest route to the bathroom.
Ok, now look!
  And we were ready to take on LA!  Or TB! :-)

After our lil pee break, we go in search of the TB clan!  Red dress, red dress, Doris (martinikitty13) is wearing a red dress.  I look towards the main bar, completely missing "the well" under the stairs.  Kelly pulls me and says, "that's them, look over there"...  Beneath the stair case were couches, and a few little table tops.  Those crafty little couches were surrounded by about 10 giggly, laughing, smiling travbuddies!!  We're in for a good night! :-)

We walk up to Doris, Sybil, and Mel, make our introductions and begin chatting away.   Actually Melanie practically knocks me over while we embraced!! haha  In a good way.
Jesse waiting on his drink
  Her and I have been in touch (email and text msg) for quite some time now, trying to get together whenever she's in OC.  So it was fun to actually see her in person! 

There were alot of, "who are you?, what's your handle?"  followed by "ohhhhh!! yes, Hello! Nice to meet you!! Glad you made it."  Sometimes it's followed by, "oh, you look like your profile pic?"  and other times it was a, "nope, sorry never seen your profile!, nice to meet you, I'll make sure to add you when I get home!" lol

The drinks began flowing almost as smoothly as the conversations.  I found myself talking about my experience in Iceland, how I found travbuddy and what I do for a living.  It was a large group, so many people to talk to, some of the TB the most I got was an introduction.
Hey DJ... how's the view?
  I did catch bits and pieces of conversations as well.   Sometime in the mix, more TB's showed up.  Even co-founder of TB Eric made his apperance!  :-)  I think he heard many tiimes over how we have become TB addicts.   I think next meet up, we should sit in a circle in a room together and the introductions would be something like. "Hello, my name is Angel, and I'm a Travbuddy junkie."  haha

After some chatting, I needed to burn off some alcohol... is there any dancing at this venue??  Hmmm, time to investigate.  I convinced Jesse (Jessejb) and Tracy (Tre69) to take a tour of the venue with me.   Explained to them how it's actually the first private power plant in Los Angeles and how they kept most of the mechanical artifacts, quite the venue.
Jesse before I stuck him in the furnace! j/k
.. so we had to see. 

We had already seen "the Lab," which was roped off and bouncer protected for a private party right next to us.  They were also privileged enough to have their own bar.   We walk around the main bar and head past the "boiler room"  towards the "Charleston room".   Oh, pics, let's take pics... I ask the bouncer guy to take a pic of me and  Tracy.    He  tells me they are not allowed to.  Whatever... we turn around to see Jesse missing... where is he??  Oh, the main bar... waiting for his drink!  Click, snapped a quick picture of him.  Walked over to wait with him and noticed the DJ above the crowd, situtated above the "Charleston room."  Click... another pic, this one of the DJ.

We proceed to walk into the "generator lounge.
Will our new passenger :-)
"  Very cool, old generators littered the floor and w/ them lots of people and those comfy cozy couches.   We continue to stroll around, silly me, carrying my camera the whole time and not snapping pics... duh... I had alcohol in my brain! lol  We walked all the way around to end up near the "Tesla lounge."  This area was roped off for a private party too.  So bouncer shakes his head like a caveman... "NO!" Oookkkayyy!!... WE take a detour invading another private party in the "charleston room."  I giggle to Tracy, "let's crash their party!  Don't think she heard me, so we continue back around the "Boiler Room"... ugh back to the "Tesla lounge"... ok, Jesse grabs a hold of the furnace door and pulls!! oopppss!! It opened... (light bulb moment! haha)  I told Jesse to open it again and I take a pic... he declines and instead stands w/ his drink in hand.  Perfect, he looks like he should be on the cover of Fortune magazine!!  (Someday Jesse ;-) )  

Back to your TB group.
it ain't easy being cheesy
  Vic manages to make his way to me and all of the sudden cameras everywhere!!  CLICK CLICK CLICK!!!  I think there are at least 3-4 copies of each picture, some taken simutaneously so we are not even looking at the person/s taking the pic... or we have to hold the smile for a minute!!  Don't get me wrong, we were all having a wonderful time, I mean gosh check out everyones pictures from the other blogs!!!  Smiles all over!!

K, I'm hungry.   I heard some people were going to grab food at the bar, so I asked Vic to grab a menu... but then I was told we were heading out to eat... so I flagged him back! lol  At that point someone had a brilliant idea to take a group pic!!  Yeah!! Group pic, group pic!!!  That took a while... Mel, Jenn, and I were sent to the front... I'm sure you can guess why.
The group shot
.. short people up front!  Everyone needs to be seen.  I have no idea how many pics were taken but my thighs were begining to hurt!!!  Last pose, I grabbed Mels leg, think that was the best one!! hahah (pic on her blog)...

Ok, are we ready??  Let's go.  The OC clan and a few peeps from LA headed to Roscoe's for some chicken and waffles... We convinced Jesse to join and Will.  Will hitched a ride w/ Kelly, Vic and I... Jesse drove alone and Janene  had her crew of David and Lauri.   Ugh, so hungry... and cold outside!!!  Brrr!!!

Time for some chicken...
Ok, Vic's navigation system sucks!!  Sorry Vic! :-)  Roscoe's was supposed to be only 4.
Some of the ladies
5 miles away.  Well, it took us a while to get there, navi system was down.  So it only gave us streets and now I was co-pilot.  Hmmm, was Janene and Jesse following us?? hahaha  We finally make it and made our way in towards the back.  This is a total casual diner place and here we were all ritzed out!  Our lovely waitress was a southern bell w/ attitude.  Actually, she was this pretty funny lady that would just tell it to you straight.  I got in her way a few times and we had a flex your muscle contest.  This was when she proceeded to tell me that she had 4 boys and 3 girls..?? Is that right??  I just recall the 4 boys thing.

As we sit for the meal, Jesse and Lauri decide to skip this meal since they ate already and head out to W. LA.  Jesse and Vic exchange numbers for us to meet with them after.
Ludo having a good time
  We eat our huge portions of chicken and waffles and all decide to call it a night.  I was so hungry but I think because I waited so long my tummy was just not ready to handle all that food.  I ate maybe 1/3 of it.  Our waitress tells me I better eat all my food or she will snap my neck!  Wow, she really had it in for me! haha.  I quickly pass my chicken to Mel and attempt to take more bites... nope, no can do!  She gives Will the check and tells him to pay it.  Before we knew it,  our waitress walked away w/ the bill that Will paid for.  Of course we didn't allow that, he was paid back, but how cute of Will to do that!

We exit Roscoe's and make plans to head home.  We say our goodbyes and jump back in the car.  First taking Will back to his hotel.  That was interesting too.  There was a John Mayer concert at the Staple Center and Will was staying at a hotel across the street.  Wow, talk about crazy traffic at 11:30 pm!!  We find our way to his hotel, but losing Janene on the freeway.  She calls to inform me that her and David were just going to head back to my place and head home.  Ok by me.

We drop will off and back on the freeway we go.  A little while after driving for a bit, Vic gets a text from Jesse letting us know where he is.  We felt bad heading home to early so we needed to come up with a good excuse.  And here it was...  Vic text him back something like "the girls asked me to go home with them and I said yes!"  We were cracking up in the car.  Jesse text back something naughty... but kinda not making sense (Jesse, you may have to explain that to us! lol).  Anyways, we make it home about... um... 12:30am.  Janene calls me as we are exiting to say goodnight, and as we drove down the street, we see and waving out of her car.  Following not far behind we see David.  And finally we are home.  Great night!! New friends!  Life is good! :-)

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Quest says:
I love reading your blogs. You always seem you have such a great time, and I can't wait to see you later this Fall... :o))
Posted on: Aug 03, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
I have beer reading all blogs from LA travbuddy meeting. I see you had a he.. of a god time.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2007
milltownmeadow says:
Great write up,I wish I had come down from Victoria maybe next time.
Posted on: Dec 13, 2007
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OC girls!  And sybil being silly i…
OC girls! And sybil being silly …
Me and Ludo
Me and Ludo
Keep talking... dont look!  I sai…
Keep talking... don't look! I sa…
Ok, now look!
Ok, now look!
Jesse waiting on his drink
Jesse waiting on his drink
Hey DJ... hows the view?
Hey DJ... how's the view?
Jesse before I stuck him in the fu…
Jesse before I stuck him in the f…
Will our new passenger :-)
Will our new passenger :-)
it aint easy being cheesy
it ain't easy being cheesy
The group shot
The group shot
Some of the ladies
Some of the ladies
Ludo having a good time
Ludo having a good time
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