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Lovely Kelly!!
So my day begins like any other... run around do chores... check TB.  Quite a bit of messages.  I'm having a pre-meetup meetup at my house for the Orange County and San Diego folk before making our way up to LA. 
I get a text from Melanie around 3:30 maybe 4 asking me to come early, 5, to ensure parking... text back, "sorry, group of 5 heading over at 5" lol  No worries there.

Kelly comes over at 4 and we do the review of the yes rsvp attendies.  I already had them confused... I was having a hard enough time remembering details of those who were coming over.  Almost 5 Janene gets to my place.   We have a few glases of wine and some appetizers as we wait for the rest.
Vic our French driver ohh la la!! :-)
  Ludo arrives a little after 5.  And we chat for a bit more.  I think it was around 5:15, I get a call from Lauri letting me know she overshot the exit and is now near disneyland.  We agree that she could head back so we can meet here first and she can grab some food since she was pretty hungry.  (oh yeah, Lauri and David are carpooling from San Diego to my house.)  They get here about 5:30 and we surroind my kitchen table and chat it up real quick.  We take a final bathroom run before heading out... at 6!!! lol That was the time we were supposed to meet everyone! oooppsss!! lol

The drive to LA was pretty slow at first.  A lot of traffic because it was raining and Will told me later that John Mayer was playing at the Staple Center... pretty close to the venue we were going to... so yes, traffic.   Ludo kindly drove Kelly and I... and the other car... Janene graciously drove Lauri and David.
I took a few on the road pics just for fun.  It was a long ride so we had to do something, other than sing and dance in the car! lol

We get to the Edison around 7... it was kind of difficult to find.  A hidden treasure!  We get there, park and meet w/ the rest of the group!  It was a large group!!  But fun too!!
maka77 says:
Damn, why is is always so far away :-)
Posted on: Dec 14, 2007
TradewindsHD says:
Hope you will join us in SF!
Posted on: Dec 13, 2007
Tessagirl23 says:
Wow, that looks and sounds like everyone had fun. I'm glad it went well.
Posted on: Dec 13, 2007
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Lovely Kelly!!
Lovely Kelly!!
Vic our French driver ohh la la!! …
Vic our French driver ohh la la!!…
photo by: hightide