I get to see my Vegas crew, whooo!!!

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There's something very special about the TB friends I've made in Las Vegas. I have a particularly special love for them, kinda like love at first sight - their chemistry and spirit is so fresh and so clean!! =) Nancy, Sal, RJ - this one is for you - my favorite TBs - each with their own special, unique vibe that really cranks up my happiness level whenever I'm within 20 feet =)

So today Nancy woke up at 8am and texted me. I was still suffering from jetlag so was unable to great them upon arrival at midnight. I knew they would want some beach time since LV is landlocked, and I had heard of a nice place my boss goes to frequently called Paradise Cove. So off they went, 30 minutes before me as I was furiously trying to outbid someone on a used X61 thinkpad to take with me to Africa.
I ended up losing the auction, hopped into my car and took off. I thought something was wrong with my GPS.. Malibu is only supposed to be 20 min away. I thought this place would be a couple miles north of Gladstone's, near where Big and I had brunch that one morning! But it was not to be.. I zoomed past Gladstones.. 28 miles ahead of me it said.. swooped past Pepperdine.. still 16 miles to go?!

This place ended up being close to Point Zuma!!! But it was worth it because the sun was hot, the waves were gentle and the cliffs gave some dimension to our breakfast in Paradise. It was hilarious, Sal, Nancy and RJ would order food, and then turn around to the older ladies at the next table and also order what they ordered!!! If you go, you must get the seafood sampler, the scallops were marinated in a lime juice and the oysters and crab were amazing!!!

I loved it. I loved sitting on a beach on a small blanket all crowded together, talking shit, reminiscing about our last beach outing with Eric and Nhi, and yelling at the millions of dogs who came by and totally turned in our direction to squat a poop . RJ does a mean impression of a French bulldog!!

RJ82 says:
haha oysters were great!
Posted on: Feb 03, 2009
jenn79 says:
Nhi: HAHAA =) That is what you get for NOT COMING TO PARIS and then NOT COMING TO MALIBU!! I will eat oyster whenever possible and think of you =D
Posted on: Feb 03, 2009
hirondellenhi says:
oysters!! oysters!!! i can't believe this. first, oysters in paris without me and now this!!! oyster!!!!
Posted on: Feb 03, 2009
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