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The cake Sal bought for Will and John!
The Travbuddy meetup in Vegas at the 3 Angry Wives pub was nothing short of a HUGE SUCCESS - Melanie was on top of EVERYTHING and just made everyone feel SO welcome. She is the absolute QUEEN HOSTESS of TB!! I got to meet a few new faces at the meet everyone whom I ABSOLUTELY LOVED! Kaycee brought a friend with her and quickly joined in the banter and fun. Poor girl was asked to punk Matt and get a picture of him in her arms like a little doll, but it was SO FUNNY and SO PRICELESS. Both were such AMAZING sports about it, much in Travbuddy style! Joy and James had pre-printed signs that said "This drink is for" and then multiple travbuddies names while others took pictures. THAT WAS HILARIOUS because so many people had requested "Have a drink for me!" that it ended up being DOCUMENTED for posterity.
Will took a bite without John! looking sheepish =)
  That sort of ingenuity and preparation were just PRICELESS to me I laughed so hard. Come to think of it, I laughed really hard almost the entire night, therefore tiring myself out AGAIN despite the countless Arnold Palmers that I drank.

Oh my lord, I don't think I've EVER been more sleep deprived in my life!! I'm going to admit to it right now, I'm a wuss when it comes to night activities. I'll do stuff during the day, but when it gets dark, it is either my intellectual sparring time or my sleep time. The first night, I slept in Jillian's room for about 45 min after figuring out all the light and air conditioning controls while people went clubbing. The second night, Will got us 1/2 price tickets to see Ka (Cirque Du Soleil) so I got to bond with Will, Sal, and Matt which I really cherished more than I can put into words.
Awww!! =) These are true men!
Will is a ROCK to me. He's such a gentleman, traditional, kind, and has a confidence that is rare these days. Sal is simply a GIVER. He very clearly has such a big heart and cares for EVERYONE. I love him SOOO MUCH!

By the time we finished watching watching Ka, which is best described as a spectacle I was seriously in the mood for some sushi. Unfortunately nothing was open at 11pm (wtf?!? are we NOT in vegas?!) we got some nasty food at an all night cafe inside the Red Rock hotel. I was so freaking exhausted after a morning of hiking I could have curled up on the casino floor. Luckily Jillian gave me her key and I slept almost 2 hours while Will watched TV without making a peep.

And the group ended up at Cherry and THE END!
sincitytraveler says:
Oh what a time Jenn! I think I've baffled so many of my friends. They are convinced that I've secretly been friends with you all forever and have been hiding you! LOL Over and over I hear..."I can't believe you all did not know each other until these pics were are all so happy and seem like old friends!" Not to sound like a Hallmark card or a commercial for Travbuddy but I really do believe Travbuddy has united a bunch of kindred spirits!
Posted on: Apr 12, 2008
pvtjoy says:
Very was a huge success, not only because of Melanie - but because of wonderful people like you! Everyone is just so good hearted with no ill-intentions! My new good friends!
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
TRE69 says:
Laughed so much and talked so loud...damn near lost my voice...hahaha!:P So happy that you had a fabulous time! So what time are we heading to Vegas in Sept?
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
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The cake Sal bought for Will and J…
The cake Sal bought for Will and …
Will took a bite without John! loo…
Will took a bite without John! lo…
Awww!! =) These are true men!
Awww!! =) These are true men!
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