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The one shot I was able to take before my camera laid down and died.
Having had the illustrious privilege of being at the first ever TB meetup, I was definitely looking forward to the 2nd but was so exhausted having just come back from NY and then being hit with a zillion projects at work (and what work week is complete without tons of drama) that by Friday, I was so close to throwing the towel in and diving under the covers for the next 48 hours.

But I REALLY wanted to meet some people that I had seen online and may not make an appearance for a while. Among those: rotorhead85, keweeset, vulindlela and of course Alina! Plus, there were some old favorites of mine there: Sybil, Tracy and Mel. And some locals that I really wanted to meet: Alice and Joy. Pardon me if I left anyone out, but I had no prep time to research who was coming or read their blogs, so I was just quickly triaging my situation.

Friday went something like this: Work, run to YMCA for a bit. Meet handsome trainer who asks me to join. Was going to join anyway, but made him think he was some hot stuff and managed to "convince" me because everyone should feel special. Work. Run out and have a gabfest with co-worker. Work. Analyst comes over and talks to me about grad school and non-profits. Chiro. Massage with my favorite masseuse because she switched with new massage therapist. Find out new male massage therapist is a fine specimen of rockstar-looking yumminess. My therapist tells me he's got great hands to boot. We sigh and laugh together. Come home. Sleep. Wake up at 8pm when my dad walks in and realize I'm hella-late for Travbuddy meetup. Shower. Drive like a banshee. Texting Joy and Tracy furiously hoping people don't leave before I get there.

Travbuddy meetup is HUGE. Everyone is more relaxed and dressed down compared to our Edison meetup and we are LOUD and having FUN.  Was assailed with so many flashing bulbs upon arriving it kinda felt like homecoming! I have to say, if nothing else, travbuddies know how to make you feel WELCOME. Of course, my camera gave one paltry click and then the battery ran out. I am so miffed but nothing can ruin my mood because I saw a dozen faces I've been waiting forever to see, and a half dozen more that I didn't recognize but were so sweet and shining it stole my heart. The flurry of activity just brought out the best in everyone. Alicegourmet presents me with a bag of handmade cookies with the TB logo in icing and Jenn79 on the tag! Tracy and Mel smush me in a group hug while yelling in my ears and any hesitation I had about making the trip dissolved instantly. Joy the organizer welcomes me warmly with big hugs. Mel asks me to sign a shirt for Matt and Aline and to explain how AMAZING this group is - we ended the night with about $25 extra dollars above and beyond the $450 bill including tip. If we were to have a tagline, it should be "WE LEAVE TIP AND THEN SOME!"

Afterwards we went dancing. Joy can drop it like no other! Eli moves REALLY well for a white boy. Tre, Warren and Mellie are so much fun to watch on the dance floor. Everyone had such a good time on the dance floor and whenever possible I would nudge drunk partyers out of the way so that my wonderful TB group would have some space to dance.

And then LA shut down like a bulb and I found out Alina was staying across the street from me at the Omni hotel. So I offered to drive her home and found out she had NO PLANS for the entirety of tomorrow. I offered to take her out at noon (since it was past 2am already at this point) and that was that! My weekend plans to lie prone in bed with a book and some tea were obliterated and I found myself coming home in the wee hours of the morning because of these travbuddies!
glennisnz says:
All these meetups sound so so much fun.
Posted on: Mar 31, 2008
poohstanggt says:
Glad you had fun!! Hopefully I will get to see you again at one of the upcoming once since I missed this one!!! Your LA Meet photos bring back soooo many memories...and our celebrity status on the TravBuddy login page!!! HA HA
Posted on: Mar 31, 2008
alicegourmet says:
That was super fun! I had a great time with you guys!
Posted on: Mar 31, 2008
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The one shot I was able to take be…
The one shot I was able to take b…