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I really hope that everyone who went to the Edison was able to find our group! Travelman and X_Drive are a bit hard to miss, but we ended up crowded under the darkness of the stairs. If not for Sybil yelling, "is that Jenn79??!" I would probably have turned around and left instead of braving all the trendy Angelenos! (Ok, not quite, I would have made a few rounds I suppose).

Oh my it was so lovely to see travbuddies in person! Our LA Meetup took place @ The Edison in downtown LA. I think approximately 30 people showed up, and the person who traveled the farthest was Travelman from Wichita, KS! X_Drive drove down from Visalia, and Melanie came in from Las Vegas!

This being my first mass-stranger meeting, I have to say that these meetups are so funny! Some people are just excellent with faces, even with those who represent a little differently in real life.
Many of us had to resort to asking "what's your handle/screenname?" which is usually followed by a "Oh, yes, yes!" A lot of the time I just wish I had a laptop with me so that I could refresh my memory just for a second! I didn't quite recognize kelly although I totally know her blogs/pictures! And I wasn't quite sure if Nabil showed up although I was really looking forward to meeting him, as I read his stuff on over-blog. Ah, it's ok.. I propose we have monthly LA meetups @ The Edison! These sorts of things need to be done repetitively in order to really break any ice =)

We had wonderful fun and many hugs and salutations were given all around. The meetup lasted at least 4 hours! Forgive the pictures, as it was impossible to see anyone on the screen when taking them!

I have a small favor to ask, if you are in these pictures, please comment below each one and identify yourself so that others know who you are! I plan on hanging out with martinikitty and ihearttotravel at the Edison on a more regular Thursday-basis, so do stop by and introduce yourself!

Much love,
lrecht says:
Hey Jenn - sounds like you all had a great time. Sorry Cindy and I couldn't make it (Xmas party...) but perhaps next time...

Posted on: Dec 12, 2007
jenn79 says:
Thanks for the kind comments! I hope to see each one of your beautiful faces very soon! Next travbuddy meeting - Mexico City in Feb '08!
Posted on: Dec 12, 2007
Tessagirl23 says:
It surely was hoppin'. I hope to attend one of those meet and greet sometime. Great job on being featured!!!
Posted on: Dec 12, 2007
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