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I spent all day at the Convention Center attending sessions on how to be a better librarian.  Actually, they were pretty good.  I was done at 4pm and headed down to the French Quarter for some shrimp creole.  Yumm!

If you read my previous blog, then you know how sketchy transportation is around here.  I decided to head back to Loyola by 6pm and therefore avoid the eerie 6pm bus phenomenon.  Back at Loyola I chatted it up with new friends and colleges until around 8:30pm.  Then I became a little restless.  It was the alcoholic in me gentling reminding me that it was time to hit up a bar.  Surely, I thought, there must be a bar nearby; I am in fact in the University district and near two major universities.  Universities = bars (or at least some establishment that serves alcohol).

I decided to ask the resident assistant to direct me to the nearest bar.  She looked me up and down for a minute (which I thought was weird) and then gave me directions to "The Boot."  Just a few blocks away, the Boot, is one of those local dives that only charges $3.50 for a mixed drink. 

I thought I was in heaven and within 20 minutes had downed two vodka cranberries.  And then I noticed something odd.  There was some rather large bug scurrying in my direction.  A huge cockroach!  At first I thought I'd be okay.  I mean, we are in the South, and cockroaches are normal, right?  But then another came, and another, and two more that were humping each other.

Ick!  I got my tab as fast as I could, looked around to see if anyone else was at least a little bothered by the cockroaches (they seemed not to notice) and took my drink with me.

The great thing about Louisianna is that drinks are always "to go."  If I could walk around Norfolk or VaBeach with a full cup of vodka, life would be good!  Only in LA can you do that. 

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