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The Giant Buddha of Lantau
1.  My friend did not meet me at the airport when I first came in and I had to spend my first night in HK in the airport.  It was not too bad although I only got about 3 hours of sleep there.  If I was homeless in HK, I would go to the airport.

2.  When I finally made it to my hotel, I was told that my room would not be ready until 3pm.  I spent the day explorng Lantau.

3.  Being so sleep deprived that I thought I saw Jesus and Buddha laughing at me at the temple where the Giant Buddha is located.

4.  Taking a ferry boat into HK Island.  Unfortunately, the rough waters induced vertigo in me which lasted for several weeks.

5.  Seeing the view of HK from the Peak.  Unfortunately, it was extremely overcast that day, but on that day I did meet Shirley who was working at one of the stores there.  She is currently a flight attendant for Singapore Air and a good friend.

6.  The sheer craziness of the Temple Street Market in Mongkok.

7.  Having a palm reader tell me that I will either get married at the age of 42.  She also told me that I should leave my country as I will be more successful if I leave.

szchinasail says:
lol, so many "unfortunately" ...
how about " fortunately "?

Posted on: Jun 08, 2008
mavislau says:
You had many "unfortunately" in Hong Kong ... haha
Come again and you will get some experience that would be totally difference from the last trip here! :D
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
SoloSister says:
Well - was she right about the last one?
Posted on: Dec 09, 2007
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The Giant Buddha of Lantau
The Giant Buddha of Lantau
Dragon from the pillar of a temple
Dragon from the pillar of a temple
Reminds me of the cover of Joel R.…
Reminds me of the cover of Joel R…