Day 8, Friday Night At The Pub....

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This morning we got up quite early and walked down to find a rooftop market with cool new designers that we had heard about. When we eventually found it, it didnt quite live up to our expectations and we left almost immediately. Instead, we headed down to Flinders Street and got the train to Greensborough Pools. The train journey was quite surreal as there was a woman blatantly taking heroin right in front of us, who headed up being down off by an absolute drunk. At least it went quickly....

The pool was packed as there was obviously a school sports day on but it didnt make too much difference as it was 35 degrees, the hottest place in Oz except Ayres Rock. I sunbathed and listened to music for ages and then got in for a swim.

After a couple of hours we got the train up to diamond creek and saw Amanda and Lana (amanda's sister) in Macca's....didnt get any free food though this time! Erin and Loren then picked us up and we went up to theirs for drinks and to watch the final episode of Neighbours in the series! It was a cracker... the roof of a warehouse being used for an illegla dance party collapsed. Next series we find out if any of Karl, Libby, Bridget, Ringo, Zeek, El and a load of others die!

Erin then drove us down to The Lower Plenty Hotel which is used sort of like our Brookhouse on a friday night. Everyone knew each other and it was absolutely packed! Everyone was outside in the beer terrace as it was ridiuclously hot all night and it was a really good laugh. We chatted with Tim, Nick and MIchael McKay for ages who are dead sound and obviously Amanda, Erin and Loren were there as well. We also met some other lad mates of theirs who were reallly nice but i dont remember all their names. It was a fun night, especially when John poured a full pitcher of rum and coke all over himself!

Erin then dropped us off at the train station later on and we headed back.

Another gem from Whitey...

'Ye i dropped the bottle lid in the toilet but didnt wana get it out cause ya know.... you dunno whats been in there...'

I could probably guess!!!

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photo by: jendara