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This morning i felt MUCH better! I got up about 8am and got ready while White went for another run. When he got back we caught the train into the city as there were a couple of last minute bits i needed to buy in Sydney before we left... The woman in the shop took ages and so i ended up having to run back to White who was buying wine for Margaret and Rosey and then dive into the train station. We missed the Concord West train so got on the one that took us to Strathfield.

When we got off it turned out we couldnt get in contact with Margaret and the taxi we ordered still hadnt arrived after 40 minutes! Eventually Margaret rang us and we got picked up.

Back at the flat we tidied up the last of our things and gave Marg her presents and cards.... It was sad to say goodbye to them again but at the same time not so bad... It seemed like we knew we'd be back in not too long.

We then got dropped off at the airport literally just in time! We made it to the gate as they were boarding everyone... The flight felt like nothing really. It was only about an hour and a half and then we were in Melbourne!!

When we were collecting our luggage Loren, Amanda and Erin came to meet us! It was so good seeing them again but it didnt seem like a year ago that we had said goodbye.

Erin was driving and so took us into the city so we could drop off our bags and check in the the hostel. We were given a six bed dorm, then changed to a four bed dorm and then back to the original one! After all the messing about we got back in the car and Erin drove us up to Mitchell Court, to hers and Loren's house. In Loren's we said hi to all the family again and met Missy, their new little dog who lokos exactly like the squirell from Ice Age and who has sooooo much energy! We then had a BBQ outside and Nick Hobson came round which i was made up about...he's so funny.

Loren heard 'Chasing Cars' which is on the Cd she made for Whitey last year... and said

"aw i love this song i cry when i hear it.'

'Me too!!' said white but was quickly cut off by loren..

.'Not about me and you though it reminds me of other stuff...'

It was hilarious.

We all sat drinking, chatting and watching the Possoms until it got dark and then Rick (Loren's Dad) drove us back into the city. It was a great first day in Melbourne.

I think its really cool how out here there arent any idiots who are gifted Range Rovers when they turn 17.... They all have fairly old like estate cars and some stuff doesnt work in them and everythings manual and they're dirty bnut it fits and its boss! I'd love one but it just wouldnt go down well in Liverpool amongst all the snobs with their fancy cars.

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photo by: jendara