Day 25, Happy New Year!

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This morning we woke up and it was incredibly hot! It was 43 degrees and one of the hottest new years on record so we walked over the road to one of time neighbours who has a pool and relaxed there. It wasnt long before peter, one of tims mates, rang and said he was ready for us to go to his pool and have drinks before going out. We spent all day in the pool which was so nice considering you oucld feel yourself getting burnt as soon as you stepped into the sun. There were a few lads there, Conal, Peter, Ross and Tully. It was a good laugh just sitting in the pool with beers all day chatting..., Certainly felt like the perfect life. We were in the pool for hours and then got a bbq cooked by peters mum and dad, His dad seemed really nice and chatted to white and i for ages about soccer and stuff as he lived in england a few years back.

The lads had argued all day about whether or not to go into the city for the night but me and whitey were always going to. In the end majority rule meant they did and they followed us to Fusion in the casino. The train ride and walk there were almost unbareable due to the astonishing heat so late at night! The club was incredibly strict and wouldnt let the boys in shorts and smart trainers so we turned away. Outside me and white ended up splitting from them and trying again as i could tell they werent realy up for it and we would have messed about for hours. I got turned away again because i had the tiniest rip in my jeans but it turned out to be a blessing as we went to the bar we went to last week in the casino with a huge balcony overlooking the river and it was great fun. We got A LOT to drink and danced to the live music before watching the fireworks over the city from the balcony at midnight. I tried to get auld lang syne going but it wasnt happening... We got chatting to 3 women about 28 for a while about all sorts of things, they were quite nice people. Then as the night went on we talked to more people, and eventually an older woman who took a fancy for me but we all just talked for ages until the bar shut. At that point we headed into the casino and met even more people who we joked with for ages. I didnt get too lucky gambling wise. From that point on i dont remember very much, except seeing the police break up a massive fight outside mcdonalds and then getting the 5.30am train back to montmerency to peters house when it was light! When i got there tim and conal were waiting with mcdonalds breakfast! It was a really great night.

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photo by: jendara