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This morning i woke up at Amanda's looking out the window at cloudless blue skies! I had quite a lie in but then got up and Amanda made me toast, which took her about 4 go's to get right! After a chat it was time for me to be dropped off back at mitchell court and for her to go to work. I first went to lorens to see whitey and then headed down the road where i got changed and relaxed watching the crickt with john, erins dad, and her brother liam.

After a couple of wickets had fallen, we decided to go to Greensborough shopping centre to check out the sales although i didnt want to stay long as the weather was so nice. Me and whitey didnt get anything but erin bought a few things. Back at the house, we went up to lorens to help them move some of the furniture to the new house. We only really moved a desk from lorens room and then they left and we sunbathed on her driveway. The heat was incredible especially for so late on in the day so we decided to make the snow that my aunty had given me!! You just had to add water to a tiny tube and it expanded like a hundred times, and we had a lot of fun thoring it round and taking pictures.

Eventualy we decided to get Mcdonalds and go to Lorens new house to watch dvds in the movie room. We ended up watching Transformers and Wedding Crasher with Lucas, and Heath and Daina and then Jade and her boyfriend came along later on, but left just before we had a massive pillow fight.

By the time we got back it was late but i still had to wait up for the Liverpool v Derby match. Rob came down with white and liam got up so we watched 'The Bra Boys' about a surfing tribe just outside Sydney which was  really interesting. Then it was time for the soccer! Torres scored another beaut but derby equalised and we were poor...thankfully in the last minute stevie won it for us! I was so relieved i let out a little yell, not too loud, but rob was asleep on the couch and bolted up! It was so funny!

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photo by: jendara