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Yesterday was quite a busy day. White woke me up ealry as we had to meet Tim, Loren and Erin in Eltham to go swimming. When we got to the train station we also met Tim's girlfriend and her mate.

Eltham Pool was quite fun. We went in the spa, the sauna, the pool and then hit the kids slides which weren't exactly massive but a lot of fun. For ages we played volleyball and rugby in the big pool and it was a laugh. We ended up being in the pool for a loooooong time!

When we got out Erin was waiting outside after she had dropped Tim off and she took us to 'Walks,' a cafe in Eltham where her boyfriend is a chef. I wasnt going to get anything but ended up eating a ridiculous amount. The bacon and eggs on toast was great and the white chocolate cheesecake was even better. Loren is hilarious, like a really nice girl. A bit dosy and very loud but that just makes her funnier and better to be around and erin is such a nice person. They're a lot of fun to be with.

After we got the train back into the city we just relaxed for a while. I was quite tired but after Whitey gave me a guilt trip, i ended up agreeing to go on the Melbarz pub crawl which is sort of like Carnage in the UK. We got t shirts we all the bars on and marker pens to personalise them or other peoples....Whitey ended up with 'I've Got Maddie' on his!!!

It was a really good night and we got free drinks in each of the bars. Also, Whitey wrote Happy Bday on my t shirt so we'd meet people and when one of the organisers saw he bought me a shot.....and then a load of guys dressed as Santa picked me and threw me in the air a few times. In The Joint some fella bought me a drink, which i thought was cool but as im writing this could have been quite gay and then we ended up getting a pithcer of beer and another that we didnt pay for...we just sort of acquired it. I dont really remember anything after that apart from it being a good night. We met some sound people like a girl from Wales who wrote Hppy bday on me in welsh, a german lad and a guy from Middlesbrough who i spoke to about football for AGES! Great night.

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photo by: jendara