Day 11, Everybody Needs Good Neighbours....

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Last night was devastating. We stayed up to watch the Liverpool v United match at half 12am and the bar was absolutely packed! We got a couple of pints and settled down for the big game....which ended up of course to be disappointing. We lost, and we shouldnt have. It didnt help that there were so many Mancs around or fake mancs should i say. As we walked out i just had to say something to this Asian uintied fan who cleraly had never seen a game in his life but thought he was the biggest fan ever...he didnt even know the proper words to songs - 'CHampiones CHampions!' Ridiculous. So as we walked back into the hostel i asked him where he was from, whether he actually lived in Manchester.... of course not. Fool. I was gutted and ended up just sitting head in hands for a while watching the Chelsea v Arsenal game.

Next morning, the weather was good again so after i went and got some food and White went to the gym, we put some washing on (whitey put some washing on) and i headed down to the southbank of the Yarra to lie on the grass and sunbathe while White had a full English. He followed me down in a bit and we just relaxed in the sun and listened to music.

After a couple of hours it was time to go back to the hostel as we had to get ready for our 2nd Annual 'Neighbours NIght!!' I was ridiculously excited at the thought of meeting DR Karl again, Rachel and Zeke Kinsky, Catya, the new English guy who used to be in Hollyoaks and Steve Paker (the bald one from the new family). We got the tram out to St KIlda and walked in the sun up to The Elephant and Wheelbarrow where we bought our tickets and got in the line.

The doors opened at about half six and we were clearly well earlier than last time as we actually got a table. We were put with a couple from Sheffield and Newcastle and another couple. They were a really good laugh. We starte dthe drinking straight away with our free half pint and the hit the Tooheys. It wasnt until about half  8 that the Neighbours stars came out from right behind us. DR Karl loves it. They did their usual bit on stage before starting to wander round the room meeting everyone.

Zeke and Rachel were the first to come to us. I have to say i think im in love with Rachel Kinsky (Caitlin Stasey). I shouted over when she was quite near us I LOVE YOU RACHEL and she turned around and did some thing were her hands and said i love you too! haha Then when she got to us she gave me a kiss!!! Zeke was absolutely wasted....He'd clearly had his free half pint! Then when they'd gone the rest of the stars come through. We did kind of stalk Rachel and Zeke for the rest of the night....Whitey even gave Rachel my number written on a piece of paper. He must have looked like an absolute stalked especially when the people on our table asked him to take a picture of the two of them...with nobody else in the pic! Eventually their bouncer told us we'd had enough pictures! haha

It was a great night and seen as we'd been drinkin pint after pint from half six with only 2 packets of crisps inside us....we were a little worse for wear!

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photo by: jendara