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Heathrow was pretty uneventful for the most part. We werent waiting round for long so i just had time to do some duty free shopping before heading to the gate. Here it got interesting as Sky Mangle from neighbours sat down right next to me!!!! I couldnt believe it....I was tempted to ask for a picture but noticed she'd got off the phone, facing the wall, and was crying so thought it best if i didnt.
The flight was nowhere near as bad as i thought it was going to be....partly thanks to the fact that i slept for the whole eleven hours from Heathrow to Singapore. After only about an hour we were back on the plane and heading to Sydney. This seven hours again seemed nothing really as it didnt seem like i'd been on a plane at all as i'd just been asleep so far!
In Sydney airport we met Margaret and she drove us back to the house. From here everything just seemed sorta of surreal... I txt Amy and mum and it was weird to think that last time i rang them was 24 hours before....they had been asleep, had a whole day of school and gone home, had a full day but all we had done was sit on a plane so it seemed like no time at all,. its difficult to explain but it felt strange.
After relaxing and showering we caught the train from Srathfield into Sydney. We walked down George Street looking in some of the shops and headed towards the harbour. I bought some JD and Coke in bottles (all in one!!) and drank them in the Royal Botanical Gardens in the sun overlooking the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge...
When the winds got up we moved on. Walked through the Queen Victoria shopping centre and got the train, which was by this time leaking thanks to the thunderstorm, back to Concorde West.
It was difficult to stay awake so i forced myself to eat and then after quite an interesting conversation post dinner (Rosey and Margaret are going to Nepal at easter which some school contemplating it), and having said hello to Betty (Why havent you brought that nice girl Michaela with you this time?! I liked her! She was nice....she gave me a stripey bag which i've still got in my car with a drink in! Sen her my love), i went to sleep.
Everything seems strange to be honest. It's a weird mix of the facts that we've only been here once before, but that time was only a year ago so everything seems remarkably familiar but shouldnt!
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photo by: Sunflower300