I need help with Christmas!!!!!!!!!

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D& Rick

Well people this will be my first americano-romanian Christmas, so im a little conserned...no im gonna say again...im FREAKED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no clue what so ever about what americans eat on Christmas....and seems im gonna be the host this year, and i have no clue what to cook...and Rick is telling me ...some ham, some smashed potatoes...some cookie...ya right! Thanks for the help!!!
So we gonna mix romanian with american traditions.... food etc.
He is comeing on 23 evening and he says he will help, but i need to know also...he is cooking, but still is a man..and i know women know what i mean!!!!

So i apreciate if any americans will gave me some short advices....no what is write in books and all, cos that i readed allready...i need the short information damn it! So i can apply fast...no some stories and mixes and blahhh blah!

Yesterday my daughter had another party at school...thank God i was no more Snow White...or something else..my last experince like Snow White was fun, but God....i looked like a jap clown!!!LOL

Just for the sake of conversation, we will probabily costume again...i hope no silly things again...i was Velma, Cinderella, Snow White..etc.
Have a nice holiday season everyone!

caliphil007 says:
Just cooking anything you like..... If i was coming over... i would love to try some traditional romanian dishes, desserts, wine and cheese wont hurt either. Good luck! and Chers
Posted on: Dec 22, 2007
brownh27 says:
good luck :))
Posted on: Dec 21, 2007
Belluomo says:
Most of the American guys I know can cook way better than American women. So maybe he really DOES know his way around a kitchen? ham and potatoes sounds great... ;)
Posted on: Dec 20, 2007
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D& Rick
D& Rick
Ds party dress
D's party dress
photo by: tm16dana