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D playing ..she like to take pics!!ha ha

Well when u have a baby, and ur a single mom...situation its becomeing hilarious sometimes when u date men. I was talking with my freind. she has a boy also and i dont know how other women see this problem, but we see it very funny .
 For example if u are pretty and lookin good, and u just meet someone that dont know u have a baby, he start to talk about :1. what a great car he has; 2. how he traveled all over the world and 3. his house is amazing. Ha Ha....thats great, but what happen if i dont like cars, i traveled also...and home is where my heart beat???
 Well seems those day some men think material things can conquer all women. What happen if all material things we can provide by ourself? Well is about time when he is rembeling about his car to say...did i tell u i have a baby???????? he is, good!
Oh ya..other category is the ones who knows u have a baby...and seems they love kids so much, they know all about this subject....they are always intrested about ur baby and they are always asking questions. Its ridiculous...u cant just act like that even u didnt met the baby or spent some time around him.
 Exist also the category when they will say from start how much they like u and how they want to be with u....but maybe is better to leave ur baby with the gmom or someone else!!!!!! Geeeeeeeeeeeee who will gave up at her baby for a dick.......sorry but this is how this men are.
And not at least are the men who like "furniture" in their homes, like....u are not allowed to work, speak or smile if he is not saying so...oh and by the way all u think its not good, he knows best..LOL ; ya right..

Are just a few men that are actualy equilibrate and want to build something, even they are rare i can asure u they exists. This statistic is about romanian men...but are also foreigns, and most of them think if u live in Romania u are easy to be bought....and they usualy start with: did u ever bein in US, Canada..or whatever ???????? Well if u just say no..for the sake of conversation....they will show u what u missed!!!!!!!!!!!!Ha Ha...hilarious

This is just a statistic made by me and my friend , and its based on our personal guys dont take it personal i know are many that are not like this...

Lord_Mike says:
Interesing reading!
Posted on: Jan 17, 2009
Belluomo says:
Wow..that's a tough act to follow. I'm not asking you out on a date Miss, no way. I don't think I'd be able to avoid being put in those damning categories! That's too bad because I like kids and Romanian girls ;)
Posted on: Dec 20, 2007
fluturas says:
Nu vb aici despre toti barbatii, si nici despre toate mamele singure ci doar despre ce am trait noi si ce fel de barbati am te asigur ca este mai mult decat adevarat!
Posted on: Dec 14, 2007
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D playing ..she like to take pics!…
D playing ..she like to take pics…
photo by: tm16dana