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Pregnancy time -8 months

Well i said im gonna start today this story in the adventures land of "bein a mommie".

Hmmmmm, i never planned for a second to have kids before finish the college,have a super house,and travel all over the world;but life showed me that plans sometimes can be changed..even with 360 degress.
Story begins in 2001 when a visit at Dr. transformed my life in a big "wonderland". I was a student 2 colleges, see my dad was a history teacher and my mom is chemistry teacher so school was a very important thing in the family. My dad wanted me to study accounting and financial things, he was thinking on long term...i was just  loved architecture. So this is what i wanted to do...but again i have to fallow my dad wish and study accounting, but i could leave my "love" and  in secret i start in the same time architecture as well.

Pregnancy time- 9months
So here i was a student in 2 collages working in airport (i was a flight attendant)..and a smiley Dr. was telling me "ur pregnant"!!!!!! What???? How it was possibile...i was on pills more then 3 years, he was probabily crazy...or was a bad joke, or i was dreaming..... thats right..i was dreaming, i think i want to wake up now!!!...but nothing happen ...Dr. still in front of me lookin!!!!!!!!! Oh my can i have a baby at 21...i was still had 1 year to finish my universities.....he was out of his mind.
So my voice come... and i said: Are u sure?? Cos im on pills from sometime!! He looked and me and said: Well u can say now u are part of 2% on the month, who are getting pregnant....congratulation its a small comnunity!!!!!!!
 What?????????????? This Dr.
9 months
was crazy...i cant be...its not possibile.....he smiled and said, lets check this out, and he made me an ultrasound. He open the volume and said: hear ur baby heart! Bum Bum Bum....was the sound, and images comed...some little alien was moving inside of me!!!!!!!!!!!

 I lefted his office more confused that i comed.....i said to myself i will take some time to think....
My parents were shocked, my mom told me to make an abortion...and my dad that i always thought he will be more drastic then her...suported me, he told me maybe is not so bad....and he is suport me in all i will decide. Oh well im gonna skip the baby dad...its a little more complicated, like i said even 7 years ago....

So here i was pregnant.......and like all knows, i choose the hard way...what were i supposed to do?

To be continued........  

Lord_Mike says:
Children are a beautiful thing! Thanks for sharing...
Posted on: Jan 17, 2009
nomaden says:
cool. im so glad u didn't take on your mommy's advise. wow! ur a real strong woman! kudos to you! i love your pictures. at least u have thought of taking pictures of urself when ur still preggie. :D i can say it over and over again! they're all beautiful.
Posted on: Apr 05, 2008
simplicity9999 says:
A child is one of the greatest gift from God. :) A very beautiful pictures. :)
Posted on: Dec 09, 2007
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Pregnancy time -8 months
Pregnancy time -8 months
Pregnancy time- 9months
Pregnancy time- 9months
9 months
9 months
photo by: tm16dana