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My daughter father died before she got born, however cos this was a very big issue and kids are very sensitive, i tried with all my forces to delay this conversation. I knew at some point it will take place..in my mind i knew perfect what i will say..and i was prepared, or i knew i was.
 The question comed in a rainny day when me and D we had noses sticked with the window glass and we were lookin at the rain. She said: families have just 2 members or 3?, she was 2 and half...
I didnt found the words to make a silly comment...and all, so i said: i dont know D!
"How come ? Moms know all...this is why they are moms..right?"
"Well moms do not know all...they  just try D!" Well ...she said "Markus has a dad..i saw him, even he does not live in the same house.

D-3 years
..do i have a dad?"
My mind was running in many places...i was wondering what was the best answer? "Yes i said...but he lives very far away...much more far then Markus dad."
"How far?" she asked me......"can we visit? oh and why he never visits me?"
?Well is very far D...and seems its a place where u go and u cant come back?" Why?" she asked
"Well no one invented a plain that can travel back...so everyone is going in this jorney but cant come back."
She looked confused...."but they have mail box?"
Maybe they can receive letters,postacards and presents.
It was too much at this point, in my mind i said "its too young to confuse her even more"...so i said "yes, probabily Heaven has mail box"....and we start to write a letter.
So cos we didnt knew how this Heaven mail is working , we decided to leave the letter on the frige' in the same time with the letter for Santa...if Santa can receive letters, and he is flying all around the world, he knows for sure how to deliver this letter!
Well it was just a solution for short time, that probabily was going to blow in my face in a few years....so i spoke with my friend from Canada, and we both agree was not good to reply at her letter. But i spoke with D and i said to write a secret wish in every letter, and this wishes i made them come true...and it was pretty amazing to her cos she never knew  i was that persson and she is not knowing even now....and she thought is her dad, so even some parents can live very far away they are always remember us!

Lord_Mike says:
How very precious!
Posted on: Jan 17, 2009
Belluomo says:
What a sweet story...
Posted on: Dec 20, 2007
brownh27 says:
this brought tears to my eys. she is so lucky to have a mum like you :D
Posted on: Dec 11, 2007
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D-3 years
D-3 years
photo by: tm16dana