Are dogs really speak diffrent languages????????????

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Hear this : few weeks ago i was sitting on the couch and play with the kids...and i was saying how dogs are, this in my language will be "ham ham" ...romanians who are on this site they know what i mean...when u play with kids...and u try to tell them how dogs are barking u say "ham ham".

So my bf that is american was very stuned, he said: what are u talking about?? Dogs cant make "ham ham"...they do "wolf wolf"!!!!!!!!! What is he talkin about????????
Dogs are dogs every where...Romania or America..still dogs. So we start to talk about this, he said dogs never bark "ham ham"....ha ha, well maybe they dont bark like this in America but in Romania they bark all the time like this!!!!! He said shhhhhhh, u are confusing the children!!!!!!!!!!LOL
God what is he talkin about??????????? Dogs are barking "ham ham"....

Now when we were speaking at the phone i was doing the same thing, showing a book and tell how the dog is barkin, so he heared me and said: Corina stop saying "ham ham", dogs will never bark like this, u sound silly!!!!!!!!!!! LOL; I swear i dont understand what is he talkin about...."ham ham" are barking romanian im living here "ham ham" it is!!!!!!!!

fishh00k says:
my dog only barks in spanish
Posted on: Jan 05, 2008
Belluomo says:
You think that's confusing? How bout in French, and Polish? I thought the same thing. Turns out not only dogs but every other animal says something different in each language. I've given up learning them although it is amusing the first time you come across it!
Posted on: Dec 20, 2007
festerwretch says:
Eh, dogs say different things in every language ... if your bf can't understand that... that's basic ... come on! Nothing odd there! If you really want to get him going say what a rooster says! :D
Posted on: Dec 14, 2007
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